AWE Nite Florence presents “AI & XR: A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN?”On February 29th at 6pm CET (9am PST – 5pm GMT – 12pm EST)


In this AWE Nite Florence event we will try to understand what the future of the XR world is with AI. And we will try to respond to all the questions  you find below…
Join us to explore:

  • Is it possible to develop a game only by writing some prompts, both as regards the logic and multimedia elements?
  • Is Generative AI really the present and the future of the creation of the content?
  • Where AI is already helping to build virtual worlds and where is it just the hype?
  • Is it true that the next AAA game can only be built by a small number of people who use generative Artificial Intelligence?
  • Is Artificial Intelligence or is it not a technological tendency that goes against Virtual Reality? 
  • Can AI be used to enhance virtual reality and immersive worlds? 
  • Can AI e VRs be used together?
  • How can we digitize tourism with AI and LLM?
  • How can we get an AR experience aware of the context?
  • XR +LLM = ?

Start: Thursday, February 29th at 6pm CET (9am PST – 5pm GMT – 12pm EST).

6 pm – 7 pm (CET)

1) Welcome & Introduction by CECILIA LASCIALFARIFounder ARea6DoF | Creative Strategist Technologist | Italian Representative for Artivive | Member of AIxIA | Event Organizer AWE Nite Florence

2) MARCO GIAMMETTI – VR consultant Memori.AI and | IndieDev of Hypothermic Games
Marco Giammetti is currently engaged in innovative endeavors, contributing his expertise to and undertaking research and development for Additionally, he collaborates closely with the other devs with Hypothermic Games. As a seasoned professional in the realm of illustration, 3D artistry, and game design, Marco continues to leave his mark on the gaming industry while embracing new challenges and opportunities for growth.

Summary of the speech: “Practical lessons about integration of VR and AI”
Artificial Intelligence is not a technological trend that goes against Virtual Reality, as some people may think, but it can be used to empower Virtual Reality and Immersive Worlds. This talk will show how AI and VR can be used together, both in theory and with practical examples”

X: @TheTMO

3) KATHERINA UFNAROVSKY – Co-founder and CEO “Augmented.City” SRL
17 years in IT on management and sales positions in R&D projects. Katherina is an expert in Computer Vision and AI and a pioneer of XR technology. CEO of the Italian start-up Augmented City that developed the biggest AR Cloud covering 200+ cities in the world. It’s a space in Metaverse for everybody to test the experience of XR and GeoPose service. Core business directions: industrial AR, tourism, art and education.

Summary of the speech: “XR +LLM = ?”
GeoPose gives the precise location and direction, while AI recognizes the objects to describe the scene and gives the context for another AI (LLM). Thuswe get a context-aware AR experience. Such combination can be a next step for digitalization of tourism and industry.


4) RAFAEL BROWN – CEO & Founder at Symbol Zero // Microsoft Regional Director
Rafael is a veteran game designer & developer, XR evangelist, technologist, & studio head. He is a 27 year game industry veteran, who traces his roots to Looking Glass Studios, id Software, and early 3D FPS games. Rafael has worked across North America for Electronic Arts, Activision, Take Two, ZeniMax, Midway, and Nintendo studios where he’s built multi-million selling titles for each. He saw this generation of Virtual Reality start on John Carmack’s desk 11 years ago while working on first person shooters at id Software.

Rafael loves building virtual worlds. He has been dreaming of the Metaverse since watching Tron as a kid and then reading Neuromancer, a decade before Snow Crash. During the pandemic, he founded Symbol Zero, which builds games, virtual worlds, virtual concerts, and cloud platforms. Symbol Zero is Roblox’s co-dev partner having built the Lil Nas X virtual concert experience, the second largest virtual concert in history at 33 million users in one weekend.

Rafael is an expert on Games, XR, AI, & Cloud technologies. He lectures on the history of Games, AI, VR, XR, Cloud, Blockchain, and path to the Metaverse, while building games and virtual worlds in the now. He is also a Microsoft Regional Director for northern California, a technical advisory role.

Summary of the speech: “The practical uses of artificial intelligence in building virtual worlds”
Artificial Intelligence, and in particular generative AI, are marketed as not only the future but also the present of content creation. There are already people claiming that it is possible to develop a game only by writing a few prompts, both for what concerns the logic and the multimedia elements. But is it true that the next AAA game can only be built by a small number of people using generative AI? This talk will answer this question in a realistic way, showing where AI is already helping in building virtual worlds, and where it is just hype.


5) Closing and Final Q&A with  ANTONY VITILLO | CTO VRROOM | Co-Founder The Ghost Howls| Co-Founder New Technology Walker Co-Organizers AWE Nite Florence

At the end of the event the debate about “XR and AI: what is real and what is hype?” will be held with Antony Vitillo (moderator), Marco Giammetti, Katherina Ufnarovsky, Rafael Brown, during which you could interact by asking questions to the speakers.

Expect a lively meeting, full of ideas, during which you can ask questions in the chat that the speakers will address live.

The event will be streamed on YouTube. We will communicate the direct link on the day of the event.

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