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If you talk about “Fashion” you have to talk about Italy!

The event about “Digital Italian Fashion in XR” has been an adrenaline rush for the whole hour! A truly extraordinary talk, where we discussed about immersive technologies applied to the fashion world.

We had great professionals directly connected from Milan, Prague, Dubai, New York, Turin, Florence that allowed us to get a very high response of views.

It’s pleasure for us to say thank you to all of you, both as followers and spectators who were connected with us from over 36 different cities around the world… from Portland (Oregon), Instabul (Turkey), Toledo (Ohio), New York City (New York), Toronto (Canada), Helsinki (Finland), Rio De Janeiro (Brazil), Zurich (Switzerland), Palo Alto (California), Barcelona (Spain), Chicago (Illinois), Budapest (Hungary), Lima (Peru) , Geneva (Switzerland), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Gothenborg (Denmark), Lyon (France), Florianapolis (Brazil), Houston (Texas), San Francisco (California), San Diego (California), Vilnius (Lithuania), Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), London (England), Rijswijk (Netherlands), Berlin (Germany), Delhi (India), from Tunisia…

…and we also want to thank all the Italian spectators from cities like… Rome, Bari, Florence, Livorno, Vicenza, Padua, Trieste, Milan, Catania, San Secondo Parmense, Treviglio… connected with us.
We felt a great interest from all of you… take a look at the chat at 0:58:58​​ of the video… There you will find all comments!!!

This time you made us live a great emotion… and we want you to tell a BIG “THANK YOU”!!!

Dante e AWE a Firenze

The event’s characters

The speakers who took part in the event showed us an interesting point of view about fashion and about the challenges that new technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are launching to the fashion industry. 
You’ll find their speeches in the video by clicking on:

AWE Nite Digital Fashion in XR: here is the video of the event

Below is the link to the video of the event on the official AWE USA Youtube Channel:

The event was opened by Cecilia Lascialfari, who gave a brief historical introduction on the birth of Italian fashion, which took place in the city of Florence 70 years ago, in February 1951.
Immediately after, Antony Vitillo presented Erika Lamperti and Lea Palomba of IL3X; then it was the turn of Stefano Galassi of Startupbootcamp; finally Leetee Wang of Lode.
Below you can see some screenshots taken during the event.

Cecilia Lascialfari

CECILIA LASCIALFARI | Co-Founder | Creative Technologist | Event Organizer AWE Nite Florence.

You find her speeches here:
0:01:05​ – Cecilia Lascialfari – Introduction & Presentation “Digital Italian Fashion in XR”
0:18:00​ – Cecilia Lascialfari presents Stefano Galassi
0:35:20 – Cecilia Lascialfari presents Leetee Wang
1:00:22​​ – Closing and greetings Cecilia Lascialfari

Antony Vitillo

ANTONY VITILLO | Co-Founder The Ghost Howls | Co-Founder New Technology Walker | Co-Organizer AWE Nite Florence
In this meeting Antony has been a great moderator, a speaker who has been able to manage the speeches and discussions with the speakers with great skill.

You can see his interventions here:
0:04:03​​ – Antony Vitillo – Presentations
0:05:04​​ – Antony Vitillo presents Erika Lamperti & Lea Palomba
0:26:34​​ – Debate Stefano Galassi and Antony Vitillo
– ​​0:44:06​​ – Debate Antony Vitillo with Leetee Wang, Lea Palomba, Erika Lamperti, Anna Montanari.

Erika Lamperti

ERIKA LAMPERTI | Co-Founder & CEO of IL3X (Augmented Reality Fashion) 

Erika Lamperti, presented IL3X and the transformation taking place in digital fashion that is creating new connections between the Fashion sector, Gen Z and Augmented Reality.

You can see her speech here: 0:05:34​​
You can see the debate with Erika, starting from here: 0:44:06​​

Erika Lamperti is graduated in Business Administration & Management at the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan and holds an MS in Management pursued at the University of Buckingham in London. As a lecturer at NABA, Marangoni and UCL, Erika is currently involved in the development of ARdrobe, the world’s first Augmented Reality digital fashion platform which was presented at CES 2021.

Lea Palomba

LEA PALOMBA | COO of IL3X (Augmented Reality Fashion)

Lea Palomba, in direct connection from Prague, interspersed with Erika Lamperti and continued the presentation of the projects carried out by their company IL3X always in the field of interconnections between Augmented Reality, the Fashion sector, and Gen Z.

You can see her speech here: 0:10:32​​
You can see the debate with Lea, starting from here: 0:44:06​​

Lea Palomba, after discovering she has a bug for AR/VR/XR, combined with a strong marketing background and international experience, Lea Palomba is the COO of IL3X. At IL3X, Lea is contributing directly (and with passion!) to the digital transformation for which the fashion industry is so ready.

Stefano Galassi

STEFANO GALASSI | Co-Founder & Managing Director Startupbootcamp FashionTech

Stefano Galassi, spoke about “Fashion Tech Disruption” and showed the latest innovative trends in the Fashion Tech sector.
You can see his speech here: 0:18:26​​

Stefano Galassi‘s speech was interspersed with an intense debate with Antony Vitillo, Co-organizer of AWE Nite Florence, who we invite you to watch at minutes 0:26:34​​ of the video.

Leetee Wang

LEETEE WANG | Co-founder and CEO of Lode  (from New York)

Leetee Wang, in direct connection from New York presented LODE, the first APP for shopping in Augmented Reality that goes beyond the visualization of the product. LODE works with the most famous brands to transform the consumer’s space into interactive virtual boutiques, making their experience a definitive immersive adventure.

Leetee Wang‘s company is part of the Startupbootcamp acceleration program in Italy.

You can see her speech here 0:35:37​​
You can see the debate with Leetee, here: 0:44:06​​

ZOOM Chat!!!

Zoom Chat

Great news of this event is the presence of the chat in the video, which we wanted to leave to show how important the interaction with the public is. Click on minute 0:58:58​​ to immediately access the “Zoom Chat!”.

AWE Nite Florence and “PSYCHOLOGY”: this is what we will talk about in the next event

The next AWE Nite Florence, will be held on March 25th at 5 pm. (CET) and will address the theme of psychology that meets new technologies. How can Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality help the psychology sector? How can patients benefit from immersive technologies that help them overcome phobias or obsessions? Can Augmented and Virtual Reality really make a difference in the psychological field? What tools are needed?

We will talk about this and much more in the next meeting, with speakers of the highest level, who will be presented shortly. For information about this event, register on Meetup at this link: “AWE Nite Florence – Online Meetup”

For more information:


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