What is AWE Nite Meetup

AWE Nite is a space, physical and digital, that brings together experts from local communities around the world, dealing with Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR), i.e. everything that is included in the field of Extended Reality (XR).

Mission AWE Nite

AWE Nites’ mission is to advance the Augmented Reality Industry and New Technologies in the world; the goal of these meetings is to create a discussion place for developers, creators, investors, entrepreneurs, business decision makers (CEO, CTO, etc.), academics, artists and curious people, giving them the opportunity to meet territorial level to create a network, with continuity of events throughout the year.

AWE Nites were born as a physical event, linked to the territory, but have evolved into completely digital events (online), due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which prevented the realization of events in person (but which does not prevent the creation of a global network).

AWE Nites are part of the AWE (Augmented World Exposition) family.

AWE is an entity managed by AugmentedReality.org, a non-profit organization that has a mission to promote the adoption of Augmented Reality by over 1 billion users by 2030. Founded in 2009, AugmentedReality.org has hosted events to help achieve this with larger conferences and exhibitions, taking place in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Asia.
As such, AWE Nites shares AugmentedReality.org‘s mission to drive AR adoption.

“We are here to advance the augmented reality industry by connecting and empowering his community”.

Code of Conduct

AWE is an inclusive community. To ensure this, consult and join the AWE Code of Conduct which you can find in full below. If you have any problems during an event in violation of the Code of Conduct, please contact the AWE Nites team as soon as possible with details of the situation.

Mission AWE Nite Florence Meetup

The mission of AWE Nite Florence, is to advance the Augmented Reality Industry and the entire XR sector, in every Italian city and region.

The city of Florence and the Tuscany Region were chosen as the starting points for AWE Nite, because it has always been a point of reference for Northern and Southern Italy, and recognized throughout the world as very important places on an artistic and cultural level, by to preserve but also to be made responsible for new technologies that can become a tool for passing on cultural heritage over time and disseminating them around the world.

Where AWE Nite is organized around the world

AWE Nite meetings are organized all over the world and in particular in the cities of: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Berlin, Phoenix, Tel Aviv, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Toronto, Tokyo, New Orleans, Stuttgart, Boston, Helsinki , Barcelona, Nuremberg, from January 2021, also in Florence and Washington!

Be part of an International Community

It’s important that in Italy there is a community that has direct contact with abroad, while living in the area. Too often, brilliant minds leave our country to join professionals in other parts of the world; digitization can eliminate distances and allow a country like Italy to create a direct bridge with abroad by offering its professionals the opportunity to work in the area and giving them the opportunity to grow and develop a new type of business.

The comparison with outside becomes essential when digitalization elevates the professionals of this sector to the role of protagonists of 2020 and future years.

Where to find those who are able to make the change? How to evaluate the best solutions for the area in which we find ourselves? How to understand what are the needs of companies that can be satisfied by Italian innovative technological realities?

All this is possible by creating a network between the Italian AWE community and the foreign one.

Why are we organizing AWE Nite in Italy?

2020 has focused on digital development and never before have we realized the importance of keeping up with the times in the field of technology. Education in schools, office meetings, work from home, have all been catapulted from physical to digital. And the difficulties to keep up with everyday life were enormous.
AWE Nite events are expanding around the world.

Italy needs this connection to be activated and responses to the territory be offered.

What value do we bring to the territory?

How many companies are there that would like to adopt new technologies but have no idea how to do it? How many Startups create brilliant ideas every day but fail to propose them to the right customer? AWE Nite wants to create a link between the request and the offer, between the buyer and whoever offers the service, between the investor and the Startup. Technology can give us a way to evolve, to become part of a globalization that keeps constant, the specific differences of each of us. We want to make a more conscious use of new technologies, but to achieve this, we must first get to know them.

A network of Italian and International Professionals

AWE Nite wants to create a network of professionals, who can have a digital place and a real-time, to introduce themselves. In a world where brilliant minds almost never have the opportunity to show what they are worth, we want to give them the right space.

ARea6DoF.com – the bridge to the future and the communication tool

ARea6DoF is a bridge to opportunities. It is the direct communication tool with AWE, it will tell everything that will be born from AWE Nite Florence and what AWE Community in the world will bring to Italy. This site will be a stage on which to raise the protagonists of the Italian and foreign XR scene.

It will serve to highlight the high value of the historical content of our country and at the same time, the technological skills of the AWE Community in the world.

The site was born on 25 March 2020, in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, after a long period of research and study, as a showcase on events in the new technologies sector, thanks to the passion for art, creativity, and also to help the Renaissance of the city of Florence and Tuscany.
It wants to become a territorial focus for the search, for adaptable solutions to the cultural territory of the Region, attracting professionals from all over Italy and the world.

ARea6DoF combines art, industry, fashion and new technologies, creating a bridge between the global and futuristic vision of what is happening abroad and what is happening in Italy.

Italy is a unique Country in the world and the history and content we have can be enhanced by technology. It’s at this moment that there is a need to relaunch the territory and find new solutions, new work professions, which help the rebirth of Florence, Tuscany and the whole of Italy.

It’s essential that Italian technology professionals are present on the international scene.

The focus of ARea6DoF is also towards creating a dialogue between the élite of the XR sector and users who have limited access to technological resources, because we believe that true technological evolution will only happen when these two worlds meet.



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