Flying Into the Metaverse through Books & Culture

“Flying into the Metaverse through books & Culture” is a project that was born in collaboration with AWE and aims to highlight the cultural trend already present in the Metaverse, highlighting studies and research carried out by professionals in the XR field who have been working on the development of new technologies and have seen the evolution of the technology sector from when Virtual Reality was still something unknown, to get to the birth of the Metaverse and the approach of these technologies of the highest level, towards the mainstream.

Because if it’s true that technology goes very fast and that news as soon as it comes out on the market in a few seconds becomes something “old”, it’s also true that books and events have been written in this sector and the various communities around the world are developing more and more, with the aim of finally reaching a compromise with the public that still knows this world with.

I realize that the book is static and the Metaverse is in constant motion, but now there is a part of the history of the XR world, which must be written in the books precisely because it is consolidated and outdated.

We will start with five interviews with important personalities in this sector, which I have been able to collect in the last few weeks. We will continue with five more interviews later after AWE USA has been held.

If you think you have left important footprints in the XR sector, write to me in the form below and present your research, your book, or your project. Because this is a space that wants to make each of you number one… At least for the duration of a video interview!

You will be warned through the AWE newslettersThe Weekly Spatial about the names of the professionals who will become the number one of “Flying into the Metaverse through books & Culture” for the next five weeks. Stay Tuned because the first professional we interviewed, you absolutely cannot miss….

Follow me also on and on my LinkedIn profile Cecilia Lascialfari, because all the news will be posted there too!

Bye, bye! I’m waiting for you here, as “Number One”!

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