One of the big new features this year at AWE USA 2024 was the “XR History Museum” (I love Culture in all its forms!!!)

(…) The XR History Museum was accessed via the AWE Expo Hall during open Expo hours.
The Museum featured over 80 vintage XR devices donated by pioneers plus the “XR HALL OF FAME”, all the photos of the pioneers of the XR world starting from 1960!!!

Highlights included the 1990 Xybernaut (one of the first wearable computers), the 1992 Virtuality Viset 1 (one of the first commercial VR headsets), The Nintendo Virtual Boy, and many more.

Special immersive experiences presented by The Immersive Archive Project USC Mobile & Environmental Media Lab allowed attendees to explore the following:
Ivan Sutherland‘s first ever Head Mounted Display from 1968
Morton Heilig’s Sensorama from 1961 – the first multisensory immersive cinema experience pre-dating VR

The NASA VIEW Lab from 1987 which pioneered the development of many VR technologies including fully immersive head-coupled displays, datagloves, and a 3D audio.
A fourth immersive experience – “VR within VR” – allowed attendees to venture into Jeremy Dalton’s private collection of VR headsets. Presented by PwC.

The XR History Museum featured early prototypes and headsets from the following companies: Virtuality, Micro Optical, MYVU, MicroVision, Sony, Nintendo,Vuzix, ODG, Optinvent, Recon, Google, Avegant, Meta (the original one), Epson, North, DAQRI, Magic Leap, Microsoft, HTC, Valve, Oculus VR…

Here you can find a video tour (be patient it’s 7 minutes of video!!!)

And here are some of the pioneers:
Tom Furness Prof Bob Stone – Jacquelyn (Jacki) Morie – Tom Emrich 🏳️‍🌈Joanna Popper – Avi Bar-Zeev – Alvin Wang Graylin Louis Rosenberg – Nonny de la Peña, PhD – Mark Billinghurst – Tony Parisi – Shelley Peterson – Dr. Helen Papagiannis, Ph.D. – Jeri Ellsworth – Marco Tempest – Matt Miesnieks – Nicole Lazzaro 😎 AWE – Carolina Cruz-Neira – Philip Rosedale – Rony Abovitz – Palmer Luckey (You can see them all in the video!!!)

Thank you AWE for this XR History Museum!!!💫 🙏 💖  (and thanks Ori Inbar and AWE TEAM)

Reference AWE Blog: https://www.awexr.com/usa-2024/xr-museum


In addition to the XR HISTORY MUSEUM, the XR HALL OF FAME Award was created this year, which brings together the names of the pioneers who were the first to believe in the development of VR and AR technology.

In this photo you see some of the very first pioneers, but you can name others by going to this link: XR HALL OF FAME


AWE is perfect for the business community to come and learn about XR and to source the world’s leading solutions for everything from enterprise to retail.

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– 34% Developer & Creator
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– 16% Start-up
– 7% Investor

About AWE (Ref. AWE

AWE USA 2024 marks the 15th anniversary of the “must attend” global XR industry event; now in our new home in Long Beach, California.
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AWE is a labyrinth of ideas and after having participated in the events, it often happens that you realize that you have not tested some new headset, tried some new applications, seen some particular stand…

You can find resource for all on-site activities, unique activations, and app experiences that we were able to know in Long Beach during the 15th year of AWE USA 2024 to this link divided into these categories:

– Augmented Reality Filters & AI Apps for AWE 2024
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AWE USA 2025 | JUNE 10-12, 2025 | Long Beach | California

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