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Everything that happened during the first AWE Nite Florence.

The inauguration of AWE Nite Florence was a great success, which demonstrated how much it is possible for Italian professionals to appear on an international scene, while remaining in Italy, “sitting in front of their desk”.

16 foreign countries in direct connection, over 10 Italian cities and a substantial number of listeners who attended the first meeting of AWE Nite Florence until the last minute of the debate.

Cecilia Lascialfari -

The event presented a general panoramic of what is happening in Italy in the field of Virtual Reality and the XR sector, showing the work of some high-level professionals.

Antony Vitillo - NTW

After a brief introduction by Cecilia Lascialfari and Antony Vitillo, (Organizers of AWE Nite Florence), Ori Inbar, (Co-Founder of AWE and Super Ventures, Co-Founder & CEO of, Organizer of AWE Nite in the World), in direct connection from New York, inaugurated the Italian event.

Ori Inbar - AWE

After, from Milan, Fabio Mosca (Co-Founder and CTO AnotheReality, Speaker and Teacher on VR technologies) has described an overview of the XR sector in Italy.

Then it was the turn of Omar Rashid from Florence, (Co-Founder Gold Enterprise, Award-Winning VR Storyteller), who presented a series of works that included the theme of cinema combined with VR.

Omar Rashid - Gold Enterprise

Finally, Mariangela Matarozzo from Rome, (Founder & Director VRE – Virtual Reality Experience, CEO Iconialab) talked about how to organize a Festival in VR and specifically about the VRE FEST.

The meeting has closed with a debate between the speakers.

This is the Italy that we want

“Overview of the Italian XR Ecosystem”, it was an event that highlighted its international side.

The choice of the English language as a means of communication, and the time that took into consideration the various time zones in the world, gave the possibility to anyone to connect live during the streaming of the event.

This allowed the participation of a substantial number of guests, from all parts of the world such as:
New York (New York – USA), San Francisco (California – USA), Santa Clara (California – USA), Wilsonville (Oregon – USA), Portland (Oregon – USa), Toronto (Canada), Bogotà (Colombia), Lima (Mexico), London (England), Brighton (England), Belfast (Northern Ireland), Paris (France), Geneva (Switzerland), Berlin (Germany), Helsingborg (Sweden), Tampere (Finland), Sint-Michielsgestel ( Netherlands), Barcelona (Spain), Murcia (Spain), Tel Aviv (Israel), Calcutta (India), Instanbul (Turkey), Ankara (Turkey)… and from Italy the follow-up was really important… from Florence, Turin, Milan, Rome, Siena, Treviso

In a difficult period like the one we are going through, after months of online events that have completely destabilized the methodology of communication and interaction between people, AWE Nite Florence has created a really interesting bridge between Italy and foreign countries.

In the video below you can see the recording of the entire event, even for those who have not had the opportunity to participate during the live broadcast.

Will there be other AWE Nite Florence?

Every last Thursday of the month at 17:00 Italian time, (5 pm. CET), there will be a one-hour meeting on the topics of new technologies.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Extended Reality… what are the applications in our daily life?
How important is it becoming to know the potential of these new technologies?
What are the areas in which they will be used in the future?
But above all, what is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and what is meant by Extended Reality?

To have the answers to all these questions, continue to follow the AWE Nite Florence meetings, and the AWE Nite meetings in the world, which will allow you to have a futuristic opening at an Italian and international level.

AWE Nite Florence presents: “Italian Digital Fashion in XR”

The second meeting of AWE Nite Florence will be held on February 25, 2021 at 5pm. (CET), which will deal with Digital Fashion in Italy in the XR sector.

What is meant by “AR Fashion”?
What are the differences between Fashion in 3D and Fashion in AR?
How important is it for Fashion houses to know the applicability of Augmented Reality in Fashion or shops?
How much will 5G increase “Fashion AR”?
What are the companies in Italy that deal with “Fashion AR/VR”?

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But why an event in English, in a country where few speak it?

During the pandemic, the lockdown and the months that have just passed, the distances have been canceled and the doors of access have opened to events and countries that physically in many of us we could not have reached.

The costs of events, displacements, trips, have been zero. So why focus only on Italy when the whole world was making its knowledge available to everyone?

AWE Nite Florence, born from this opening, wants to mark a rebirth, after a moment of pain that blocked the whole world, in a terrible historical period that never seemed to end.

Why limit yourself to 59,991,186 million opportunities for comparison and growth in Italy, when we can have 7,834,000,000 billion opportunities throughout the world, speaking English?


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