AWE Nite Florence presents “METAVERSE: Evolution and Use Cases
Tuesday 12th April 2022 at 6pm CEST (4pm GMT – 12pm EST – 9am PST)

AWE Nite Florence on April 12th at 6pm CEST, as a guest of the Laval Virtual Europe 2022 event,  will take place LIVE from LAVAL! Laurent Chrétien, General Manager at Laval Virtual, will open the AWE Nite Florence with a welcome live from Mayenne, France.
Do not miss this exciting event, which connects great experts of the Metaverse such as Charlie Fink,  Metaverse Consultant and Forbes Columnist and Suzanne Borders CEO of BadVR, both from the USA, to Italy’s Lorenzo Cappannari CEO of Another Reality with Laurent Chrétien, General Manager of Laval Virtual Europe in France.
Antony Vitillo and Cecilia Lascialfari will present the event live from Laval in France.  We are waiting for you!!!

Join us to explore:
What is the Metaverse? How can I benefit from it? How can I best use it?
Are there immersive data analytics platforms?
Do XR technologies really offer a way to explore datasets in a natural and holistic way, while reducing the amount of time and effort required to discover useful information?
When can we talk about virtual transformation?
How much has the media industry grown in recent years?
Has the dematerialization of physical objects really disrupted industries
Are we facing a virtual transformation like we have never seen before?

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Start: Tuesday 12th April 2022 at 6pm CEST (4pm GMT – 12pm EST – 9am PST)
Duration: 1 hour
AGENDA – 6pm – 7pm CEST

1) Welcome & Introduction by CECILIA LASCIALFARI | Co-Founder ARea6DoF | Creative Technologist | Event Organizer AWE Nite Florence
Cecilia Lascialfari on Linkedin | Cecilia Lascialfari on Twitter

2) Laurent Chrétien | General Manager at Laval Virtual
Laurent Chrétien is an experienced General Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the virtual reality and augmented reality events for services and industries. Skilled in Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Strategy, and Management. Strong sales professional graduated from ETSI Caminos Canales y Puertos.

Every year for more than 20 years, the city of Laval (Mayenne, France) has hosted Laval Virtual Europe, the 1st European exhibition dedicated to immersive technologies, and has become the capital of virtual and augmented reality.
For 3 days, from April 12th to 14th, 2022, all the major international players in VR/AR come together: it’s an opportunity to meet the best start-ups that imagine the innovations of tomorrow, the historical and emerging players in VR/AR and international specialists who came to share their expertise.
On the program: a unique exhibition in the world over more than 2,500m2, conferences, competitions, an awards ceremony and much more.
The exhibition will also open its doors to the general public on Thursday, April 14 for an unprecedented announcement.

About LAVAL VIRTUAL Association
The Laval Virtual association based in Laval in Mayenne has been, since 1999, the essential facilitator in the immersive technology sector. All of its departments work to educate, train and support users in adopting and integrating these technologies into their activities.
Laval Virtual is notably recognized for organizing the 1st European event specializing in VR/AR which brings together more than 5,000 professionals, speakers and exhibitors from the immersive technology industry each year.
This historic show has transformed the city of Laval into the capital of Virtual Reality and animates, for a week, all of Mayenne and Pays de la Loire – territory of innovation and excellence.

Laurent Chrétien on LinkedIn | Laurent Chrétien on Twitter

3) CHARLIE FINK | Metaverse Consultant | Forbes Columnist | Author | Adjunct Faculty Chapman University
Speech: “Dissecting The Metaverse: The Who, What and Why of An Emerging Platform” answers the key questions: what is it, what’s in it for me, and how do I take advantage of it now.

Charlie Fink is a Forbes tech columnist and the author of a new book, Remote Collaboration, Virtual Conferences and the Future of Work(May 2020), and the critically acclaimed AR-enabled books Charlie Fink’s Metaverse – An AR Enabled Guide to AR & VR(2017), and Convergence: How The World Will Be Painted With Data (2019).
He teaches XR at Chapman University Film School in Orange, California.

Charlie Fink is a consultant to some of the leading companies in the XR (AR/VR) world. As a 28-year-old junior executive at Disney, Fink famously came up with the idea for “The Lion King.” In the 1990s, he was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of VR pioneer Virtual World Entertainment. Variety called him “XR’s Explainer-in-Chief.”

In addition to his work as head of story development for Disney Feature Animation during Disney’s second golden age of animation (1985-1992), Fink was Senior Vice President & Chief Creative Officer of AOL Studios (1995-1999), and President of American Greetings Interactive and Blue Mountain (2000-2004). His past experience includes successful exits from several startups.

Forbes Contributor, XR, 5G, AI

Charlie l Charlie Fink on Twitter Charlie Fink on Linkedin

4) SUZANNE BORDERS | CEO and Founder of BadVR
Speech: “Revolutionizing Data With XR”

Suzanne is the CEO & founder of BadVR, the world’s first immersive data analytics platform. With her background in psychology, she previously led product and UX design at 2D data analytics companies including Remine, CREXi, and Osurv. A recipient of Magic Leap’s Independent Creator’s Program grant and an SBIR Phase 1 grant from the National Science Foundation, Suzanne thrives at the intersection of product design, immersive technology, and data.

In her spare time, she travels for inspiration (75 countries and counting), and is proud to be a published poet and former punk rocker. Her creative hero is Alejandro Jodorowsky, who has inspired Suzanne to take a completely unique and innovative approach to all of her work. She also has 19 tattoos, and is a big believer in the artistry of technology and the technicality of art.

Speech: “Revolutionizing Data With XR” – Until now, data has existed as dashboards, line graphs, pie charts, and scatter plots. But as the scale, complexity, and variety of modern datasets continues to grow exponentially, these traditional data visualization methods hit their limits and no long accurately communicate insights. XR (virtual and augmented reality) technologies offer a better way to explore datasets naturally and holistically, while decreasing the amount of time and effort needed to discover actionable insights. 

Inspired by her love for punk rock, innovation, and great product design, Suzanne will talk through the creative journey of reimagining data for her company, BadVR. She will dive into the use cases for SeeSignal, BadVR product that uses augmented reality to visualize contextual RF signal data in real-time.
Suzanne Borders on Twitter | Suzanne Borders on LinkedIn

5) LORENZO CAPPANNARI | CEO of AnotheReality | Author | Professor on Metaverse related topics
Speech: “Towards virtual transformation”

“I was appointed nerd at the age of 8, when I started programming with my father’s 80386. Quite a few years later I graduated with honors in Business Administration, and started a career in Marketing and Sales in the BigCorp world. My last employer was the eyewear world leader, Luxottica, where I spent 8 years travelling the world with a hand-luggage and managing international teams. I was GM Ray-Ban for Latin America when I was flabbergasted by augmented reality and sensed that the future of eyewear was in technology, so I left the Big Corp world to found AnotheReality. Today I’m the CEO of AnotheReality, a virtual transformation company, Author, Professor at Istituto Marangoni and SDA Bocconi (Italy), and Speaker on Metaverse related topics.”

Speech: Towards virtual transformation.
Looking back at how technology has radically shaken our lives in the history of humankind, we see two key trends. The increase of emotional triggering that has evolved the media industry, therefore the way we communicate and experience reality; and the dematerialization of physical objects, that has disrupted industries, the way we do business, and ultimately the way we live. With the advent of metaverse technologies (XR, Virtual Worlds, Web3), that promise to deliver direct emotions and experiences, and to dematerialize anything from people to economies, we are on the verge of a new tectonic shift in society. We will call it virtual transformation.

Lorenzo Cappannari is the author of the book Futuri Possibili. Come il metaverso e le nuove tecnologie cambieranno la nostra vita (Possible Futures. How the metaverse and new technologies will change our life) (Italian Version) published by Giunti Editore, in March 2022.

Lorenzo Cappannari on LinkedIn | Lorenzo Cappannari on Twitter

6) Closing and Final Q & A with  ANTONY VITILLO | Co-Founder The Ghost Howls | Co-Founder New Technology Walker Co-Organizers AWE Nite Florence
Antony Vitillo on LinkedIn | Antony Vitillo on Twitter

Expect a lively meeting, full of ideas, during which you can ask questions in the chat that the speakers will address live.

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