AWE Nite Florence is thrilled to present “Location Based VR & Entertainment in Italy”, an online event, which showcases three important Italian companies operating in the LBVR & entertainment sector using Virtual Reality.
If you have yet to try a VR simulator, or a VR game without UI and buttons, or VR in a museum and especially if you want to find out how to have fun with VR, join us for AWE Nite Florence on April 29th!

What is a Vitruvian VR simulator? What is it for and how is it used?
What are the current developments of the Vitruvian VR 4xs?

Have you ever gone back in time to live in the shoes of a medieval archer?
What are the risks and opportunities of the Location Based Entertainment VR model in museums?
What is the operational experience with tourists, schools and families of a company that deals with Location Based Entertainment?

Can you make a VR game with no UI, no buttons and still see your users having fun and knowing what to do?
Want to explore the complications and benefits of VR game design?

The event will conclude with a final discussion, in which everyone can participate by asking questions to the speakers.


Start: April 29th from 5pm CEST / 3pm GMT/ 11am EST / 8am PST
Duration: 1 hour

17:00 – 18:00pm CEST

1) Welcome & Introduction by CECILIA LASCIALFARI | Co-Founder ARea6DoF | Creative Strategist Technologist | Event Coordinator AWE Nite Florence


Along with Michele Ghedina, Niccolò Galiazzo and Adriano del Moro, Giovanni founded Vitruvian VR Srl in 2019. 
He will speak about the genesis of the first Vitruvian VR simulator and the current developments of the Vitruvian VR 4xs, the first ready-to-market product of the company.”


Beyond the Gate has created VR edutainment experiences that bring their users to the heart of culture and history. Their first experience, Beyond the Castle, brought more than 10000 users back in time to enjoy the Sforza Castle of Milan as a medieval archer.
In this presentation Marco will cover the risks and opportunities of Location Based Entertainment VR in museums providing lessons learned in developing an edutainment experience and running it for 18months with tourists, schools and families.

We unlock the power of immersive technologies to create unique time travel experiences. From the collision of the Titanic to the battles in the Colosseum we let your family and friends live in first person stories from our past.

Talk name: “LBVR for all. How to design a VR experience that everyone can use.”

Explore the complications and advantages of designing VR games without buttons through the lens of The Portal. This talk is a deep dive into the process of testing multiple methods of giving clear feedback to the player without tutorials, using the previous life experience of the players to make them interact, progress and having fun into the VR experience.

Learn about the challenges and discoveries made by The Portal teams when designing VR games for LBVR. This talk will discuss the accessibility and freedom gained from not having controllers directly in players hand and still making them move around, interact with each other and having a fun experience.

5) Debate moderator ANTONY VITILLO | Co-Founder The Ghost Howls | Co-Founder New Technology Walker | Co-Organizers AWE Nite Florence


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