AWE Nite Florence presents Building the Future of eXtended Reality, Together

We are very excited to present the next AWE Nite Florence, on 24th June at 5 pm CEST, which is dedicated to inclusion and building the future of the XR sector.
By combining so many different skills and so many different countries we will join together with the sole aim of developing the XR sector as a whole.

We will unite Italy and Silicon Valley, with a stop in Geneva, to involve speakers of the highest level such as CHRISTOPHER LAFAYETTE, IPPOLITO IMANI CARADONNA, GIOVANNI LANDI.

AWE Nite Florence presents Building the Future of XR Together

How important is social inclusion in the field of new technologies?
We have been forced by the Covid pandemic to become more virtual in a very short time. How have our virtual lives evolved? Where do emergent technologies stand in the current COVID-19 world?

With all of the accelerated technology advancement over the past 18 months, one area that you may not be familiar with that is being positively impacted by XR innovation is microbiology!
Microbiology of genome manipulation, robotics, automation, holopractic… How can the innovations of XR be used in a laboratory? What contribution can they make to the scientific sector?

How critical is transparency in the field of immersive technologies?

It will be a meeting full of ideas and concluding with a debate on “The Worldwide XR Ecosystem” lead by AWE Nite Florence co-organizer, Antony Vitillo.


Start: June 24th from 5pm CEST / 4pm GMT / 11am EST / 9am PST
Duration: 1 hour

AGENDA 17.00 – 18.00 CEST

1) Welcome & Introduction by CECILIA LASCIALFARI | Co-founder | Creative Strategist Technologist | AWE Nite Florence event organizer

Christopher Lafayette

2) CHRISTOPHER LAFAYETTE | Founder of Black Technology Mentorship Program, HER Innovation, HoloPractice, Flotilla, Hip Hop Coins, Immersive Directory, Armada | Board member of the Virtual World Society | Advisory Council member of Augmented World Expo

Christopher Lafayette is an emergent technologist in virtual and augmented reality applying his talents to medtech, climate and applied sciences. He is working for a more equitable future in technology serving as a Silicon Valley national and international speaker, thought leader and a culture & inclusion advocate.

Christopher presents: “Removing Barriers to Innovation: much has changed in the world. We’ve become more virtual in the past year than in the past ten years.”

Where do emergent technologies stand in the current COVID-19 world? Explore with Christopher Lafayette as he gives us insight into the future and current state of extended reality and the importance of building technology together. 


Ippolito Imani Caradonna

3) IPPOLITO IMANI CARADONNA | Molecular Biologist in the US Biotechnology Industry | Student Innovator at Holopractice | Mentor for the Black Technology Mentorship Program

For over 10 years, Ippolito has performed world-class research in academic and industry laboratories.
His main focus of study has been microbiology and genome manipulation, and his high-tech passion for robotics and automation led him to extended reality and Holopractice where he studies XR innovation and how it can be used in the lab.

Ippolito presents: “Extended Reality and Scientific Discovery”

With the fastest development and authorization of vaccines in history, our current COVID-19 pandemic has demanded the highest level of scientific rigor. Let’s discuss how extended reality could better prepare us for the future of scientific discovery.

Ippolito Imani Caradonna LinkedIn:

4) GIOVANNI LANDI | AR VR Interaction Designer | Creative Technologist at Center for Visual Immersion (CVI) of the University of Geneva

Augmented and Virtual Reality expert with over 10 years of experience in immersive technologies that work for the Center for Visual Immersion (CVI) of the University of Geneva.

Giovanni presents: “Immersive technologies, a promise of transparency.”

Giovanni Landi LinkedIn:

5) Moderator of the debate ANTONY VITILLO | Co-founder The Ghost Howls | Co-founder New Technology Walker | Co-organizer AWE Nite Florence

We look forward to seeing each of you at this last meeting before the summer!
AWE Nite Florence will take a brief break for a few months and we take the opportunity to wish you happy holidays!
It’s hot and the sea is waiting for us!

See you on Thursday, June 24th at 5pm CEST and let’s talk about our FUTURE!

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For the Italian version visit ​​ a questo linkAWE Nite Firenze presenta “Costruire Insieme il Futuro della Realtà Estesa”

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Join us to create an international network of Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Curious, Artists, Academics, Programmers… enthusiastic people who together can help Italy to grow even more!

N.B. The event will be held in English as it will have international relevance. We encourage you to register on Meetup in any case, so that you can receive updates on future events or new opportunities. 

We are waiting for you!                                  

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