“Augmented and Virtual Psychology”

AWE Nite Florence, is thrilled to present on March 25th, at 5pm (CET), “Augmented and Virtual Psychology”, an online meetup event, highlighting the Mental Health sector evolution through New Technology.

In this meeting, entirely dedicated to Augmented and Virtual Reality in Psychology, hosted by Cecilia Lascialfari and Antony Vitillo, and featuring highly-regarded Mental Health Professionals Giuseppe Riva, Luca Bernardelli, Simone Barbato, as they present their studies and experiences.

Join us to find out how AR and VR is helping the Mental Health Industry.

AWE Nite Florence presents Augmented and Virtual Psychology

Can Virtual Reality Help Assess and Treat Eating Disorders?
Is it possible to reduce the desire for food and have a different perception of our body using Virtual Reality?
Can Virtual Reality help us improve the ability to regulate emotions?
How can mental health professionals use technologies such as Virtual Reality?
What software and hardware are needed to connect Virtual Reality with the mental health sector?
– What is the paradigm of psychological augmentation? And the trans-theoretic method known as “Augmented Psychology®”?
– We will discuss the two self-help VR experiences including the one used by “Covidfeelgood” protocol and their impact on users.

What are the future prospects for research in the field of psychology using AR / VR?

The event will conclude with a final discussion, in which everyone can participate by asking questions to the speakers.


Start: March 25th from 5pm CET / 6pm GMT/ 11am EST / 8am PST
Duration: 1 hour
17:00 – 18:00pm CET

1) Welcome & Introduction by CECILIA LASCIALFARI | Co-Founder ARea6DoF | Creative Strategist Technologist | Event Coordinator AWE Nite Florence

2) GIUSEPPE RIVA Ph.D. | Full Professor of Communication Psychology and New Media Psychology at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Milan, Italy and Director of the “Humane Technology Lab” | Director of the Applied Technology for Neuro-Psychology Laboratory (ATN-P Lab.) at the Istituto Auxologico Italiano, Milan, Italy.

Giuseppe Riva ( , is Full Professor of Communication Psychology and New Media Psychology at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Milan, Italy where is the Director of the “Humane Technology Lab” that is exploring and promoting the “humane” side of technology. Riva is also Director of the Applied Technology for Neuro-Psychology Laboratory (ATN-P Lab.) at the Istituto Auxologico Italiano, Milan, Italy, that promotes the use of advanced technologies – from virtual reality to AI and robotics – for improving health care assessment and treatment.

Speech of Giuseppe Riva: “Virtual Reality for the Treatment of Eating Disorders

“Over the last 25 years, I explored the use of VR for assessing and treating eating disorders. In general, existing findings demonstrate the clinical value of virtual reality for reducing food cravings, improving multisensory integration and body image, enhancing emotion regulation skills and correct attentional biases. The presentation will summarize the existing results in these areas, the different levels of clinical evidence and future research topics.” – Giuseppe Riva

3) SIMONE BARBATO | Co-founder of IDEGO Srl | Clinical and Digital Psychologist | Research collaborator at Cassino University | Cyber Psychology expert for Amazon Prime Video in Celebrity Hunted | Author of “Finestre sul futuro. Fondamenti di Psicologia Digitale

Simone Barbato is a Clinical and Digital Psychologist. Research collaborator at Cassino University where he teaches Mental Training in a II level University Master Degree. Author of “Finestre sul futuro. Fondamenti di Psicologia Digitale”. Cyber Psychology expert for Amazon Prime Video in Celebrity Hunted. Co-founder of IDEGO Srl.
IDEGO Srl is a Limited Liability Company, established on 18th January 2016, which deals with hosting and provision of application services in the medical-health field, in particular regarding Mental Well-being, Psychology and Psychotherapy. IDEGO is also working in the field of Artificial Intelligence: the company was awarded a loan of 500.000,00 euros for the implementation of a conversational agent designed for the mental health sector.

Speech of SIMONE BARBATO: “Virtual Reality and Mental Health: the italian case of the startup company IDEGO

The speech wants to present the vision, the barriers to entry, the numbers and the perspectives of this new business that aims to make VR technologies increasingly accessible for mental health professionals. In Italy and Europe there is still no large-scale development of such technologies for commercial purposes intended for the general public.

IDEGO is providing mental health professionals with VR software and hardware and scientifically founded guidelines for their use making virtual therapy more accessible and effective. IDEGO offers the market “VR Masterclasses”, training sessions for applied digital psychology. The VR Masterclass provides professionals with a solution combining training sessions with VR Hardware/software, the session’s contents, and all the necessary protocols. To date, IDEGO has generated over euro 200,000 from the digital psychology market in the last two years.

4) LUCA BERNARDELLI | Psychologist | CEO of BECOME. Augmented Life | Coauthor of “Augmented Psychology®” method | Co-Founder of BOWMAN- Data Matter | Steering committee member of the Faculty of Psychology of Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

Luca Bernardelli is a psychologist focused on the study of psychotechnologies and technopathologies. He’s co-founder and CEO of “BECOME. Augmented Life”, a SME specialized in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions supporting psychotherapy, empowerment, relaxation and active learning. He’s co-author and trainer of the psychological method “Augmented Psychology®”. He’s co-founder of “BOWMAN – Data Matter”, a software company owner of “EXPANDA®” and “ALGORILLA® ” Big Data-based platforms. He conceived “Personal Dreamer”, a meeting place for memorable and transformative experiences, visited over time by millions of people. Recently, he was the opening speaker at “First European Conference on Digital Psychology” and he implemented for Giunti Psychometrics the digital training session “From Telepsychology to New Psychotechnologies”. He’s a member of the Faculty of Psychology Steering Committee of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan.

Speech of LUCA BERARDINELLI: Augmented Psychology: a new paradigm for mental health professionals

Historically, psychology and technology have been very distant from each other, but the digital health revolution – accelerated by the pandemic – is definitely transforming this relationship. Today, mental health professionals have an epochal opportunity to position themselves at the center of psychotechnology development, through specific training and subsequent permanent adoption in daily practice. Virtual Reality is probably the most interesting contemporary technology for psychologists and psychotherapists. BECOME conceived and promotes the paradigm of psychological augmentation, using proprietary tools and protocols. Among these, the trans-theoretic method known as “Augmented Psychology®”, usable – through a specific app – only to certified professionals, in addition to self-help VR experiences including the one used by “Covidfeelgood” protocol, which boasts prestigious scientific collaborations and over 10 countries involved in its validation.

5) Debate moderator ANTONY VITILLO | Co-Founder The Ghost Howls | Co-FounderNew Technology Walker | Co-Organizers AWE Nite Florence


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