Overview into the Italian XR Ecosystem

AWE NITE FLORENCE presents “Overview into the Italian XR Ecosystem”

AWE​ has arrived in Florence, Italy and presents “Overview of the Italian XR ecosystem”!

We are pleased to announce the opening of the first Italian Chapter of the AWE (Augmented World Exposition) International Community, which manages a network of over 1 billion users around the world.

The city of Florence, and the Tuscany Region were chosen as the starting points for Italy’s first AWE Nite​, because they have always been a point of reference for Northern and Southern Italy.

Also, they are recognized throughout the world as very important places on an artistic and cultural level, not only to preserve history but also to be responsible for new technologies that can become tools for sharing cultural heritage over time and around the world.

Overview into the Italian XR Ecosystem

AWE is the most important international organization of events on new technologies, bringing together experts from local communities around the world, dealing with Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR), all that is included in the field of Extended Reality (eXtended Reality – XR).

The inaugural event, “Overview of the Italian XR ecosystem” organized by the AWE Nite Florence group, consisting of Cecilia Lascialfari and Antony Vitillo, coordinated by Ori Inbar, Co-Founder of AWE, will take place on January 28th from 17:00 at 18:00 on Zoom, live streaming from Florence, Milan, Rome and New York.

The meeting will open with an opening speech by Ori Inbar, followed by three of the most influential professionals in the Italian XR sector.
Join us for an overview from North to South, passing through Milan, Florence and Rome, of what Italy currently produces in the XR sector.

What “business fields” are good for VR/AR?
How has Covid brought even more light on AR/VR tech? What are virtual worlds?

And also… What does VR production and direction consist of?
How do you distribute a VR product?

And then… How is a VR festival made? What future awaits us for festivals in VR?

The event will conclude with a final discussion, in which everyone can participate by asking questions to the speakers.

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Start: January 28th from 5pm CET / 6pm GMT/ 11am EST /8am PST
Duration: 1 hour

17.00 – 18:00pm CET

1) Welcome & Introduction by ​CECILIA LASCIALFAR​I | Co-Founder ​ARea6Dof.com​ | Creative Technologist | Event Organizer ​AWE Nite Florence

2) Opening speech ​ORI INBAR​ | Co-Founder ​AWE​ and ​Super Ventures​ | Co-Founder & CEO of ​AugmentedReality.org​ | Organizer​ AWE Nite​ in the world

3) ​FABIO MOSCA​ | Co-Founder and CTO ​AnotheReality​ | Speaker and Teacher on VR technologies

4) ​OMAR RASHID​ | Co-Founder ​Gold Enterprise​ | Award-Winning VR Storyteller

5) ​MARIANGELA MATAROZZO​ | Founder & Director​ VRE – Virtual Reality Experience​ | CEO Iconialab | Founder & Festival Director ​Mash Rome Film Festival

6) Debate moderator ​ANTONY VITILLO​ | Co-Founder ​The Ghost Howls​ | Co-Founder ​New Technology Walker​ | Co-Organizer ​AWE Nite Florence

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To attend the event:
1) Download the application and join the ​AWE Nite Florence​ group on ​Meetup​.
2) Register for the event “​Overview of the Italian XR Ecosystem“​.
3) You will receive the ​ZOOM​ link to participate a few hours before the start of the event!

For more information visit ​ARea6DoF.com​ at these links: 
Italian Version​ –  English Version

Watch the ​AWE Nite Florence​ promo video!

Join us to create an international network of Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Curious, Artists, Academics, Programmers… enthusiastic people who together can help Italy to grow even more!

N.B. The event will be held in English as it will have international relevance. We encourage you to register on Meetup in any case, so that you can receive updates on future events or new opportunities.

We are waiting for you!

Cecilia Lascialfari & Antony Vitillo

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Download the poster of the event! Click on the image below:

Overview into the Italian XR Ecosystem_Locandina
Panoramica sull’ecosistema XR Italiano
Cecilia Lascialfari
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