Laval Virtual at the Espace Mayenne

This year, Laval Virtual (Laval, France) celebrated its 25th edition, with Alexandre Bouchet in charge and hosted Rectoverso within the main structure, l’Espace Mayenne.
Meta, Microsoft, Pico were present among the almost 200 exhibitors spread over 5400 m2, in three exhibition pavilions, who presented their virtual and augmented reality solutions.
Find below the opening of the 25th edition of Laval Virtual with Gregory Maubon on the main stage:

My focus at Laval Virtual 2023 was the search for solutions that put the body in contact with technology.
The presence of many Japanese companies, universities and startups has made it possible to discover interesting technologies. I have chosen a few, among the many present, for which it’s worth studying the path they have taken.
You can anyway find all the exhibitors here: EXHIBITORS LAVAL VIRTUAL 2023

Find below the interviews made at the stands, starting from:

  • Weart: tactical gloves that work on the tactile part in VR
  • Olfy: combine smell with VR for ever more immersive experiences
  • Vtuber Project: (piloting ultra-realistic avatars in real time) – Avatar with facial expression tracking 
  • Emova: a solution for creating a realistic digital twin
  • Max Tongue: a solution that combines taste with VR (ReVolution #Students)
  • Date Night: appointment in a wheelchair (awareness on the theme of disability) – (ReVolution #Students)
  • Movable Bag+: Substitutional Robot for Immersive Boxing Training with Encountered-Type Haptic – (ReVolution #Research)
  • Inclusive Quiet Room: Sound Lumiere Lab: a tent for meditation inside the exhibition pavilions – (ReVolution #Research)
  • HapToMap: A visuo-tactile map interface to support geography education – (ReVolution #Research)
  • Metaverse Mode Maker: GREE VR Studio Laboratory/REALITY – (ReVolution #Research) A new “AI Assisted” fashion design and walking expressions
  • Avatar Robot cafe Dawn – 分身ロボットカフェ Dawn
  • Everything that has a form is unreal: The sound of the two microphones shows a text projection, use your voice to animate the letters in the light – (Recto VRso)
  • Eve 3.0 2023: Performance | Compagnie Voix in co-production with Digital Rise | Recto VRrso | Laval Virtual 2023 – (Recto VRso)
  • A focus on the talk of Kent Bye and that of Jean Michel Jarre (Conferences).

Main Pavillions

These are some companies interviewed directly at their stand in the three main pavilions.


    WEART has developed revolutionary wearable haptic gloves (hardware) with interconnected interfaces for spatial computing (software) that revolutionize how VR/AR companies and freelance VR content developers can collaborate and learn in the digital world.
    This interview was carried out during the Laval Virtual in France from 12 to 16 April 2023, thanks to Guido Gioioso.

    WEART’s haptic gloves allow users to further improve their extended Reality (AR/VR) experiences and multimedia contents, with a tactile track added to the audio and video. Furthermore, with its unique patented technologies, WEART makes the haptic experience even more natural and realistic, thus increasing users’ immersion and engagement at an accessible price level. Website:
    LinkedIn Guido Gioioso – LinkedIn WEART

    OLFY – Smell the future

    OLFY – Smell the future
    Simply awaken your senses during your VR experience by connecting Olfy to your headset to activate the areas of the brain responsible for emotions and memory.

    Olfy technology: – Solution: Automatic transmission, Transmission synchronized with the virtual environment, Transmission management (time and intensity%C3%A0) – Perfumes: Perfumes of your choice, made to measure by “NASO” – Packaging: light, adaptable to any immersive equipment Made in France
    Website: – LinkedIn Clothilde Dubernet (CEO, Founder)

    Vtuber Project

    Vtuber Project (piloting ultra-realistic avatars in real time): Metahuman avatar made with Unreal Engine.
    Avatar with facial expression tracking. This video was done during the Laval Virtual 2023 event.
    Reference: David Cragné


    Emova is a solution for creating a realistic digital twin, for a more precise and more emotional virtual fitting experience in e-commerce.

    • Create your hyper-realistic 3D avatar from a simple selfie, in a few tens of seconds
    • Test products virtually by juxtaposing them to your appearance
    • Visualize the result at 360° and under all lights
    • This without ever leaving the e-commerce site

    This technology centered on the face is more exact than augmented reality, compatible with metaverse.
    It is particularly relevent for jewelry, cosmetics, fashion accessories. It allows for example to play finely on the lights, the brilliance of a jewel. The worlds of commerce and visual effects meet at the service of an unprecedented experience, leading to more transactions, and less product returns.
    There is no border anymore between digital and real world.
    To embody our digital presence in the Metaverse we will use our real appearance.
    Because our appearance is unique and should be secured and protected, Emova offers a Blockchain and NFT solution to ensure user’s avatar is protected.
    Authenticity is also important to us. Capturing user’s emotions system using our smartphone allows to animate avatar facial expressions.
    Emova’s mission is to allow any user to be itself in the Boutique online and the Metaverse using its appearance.
    Don’t miss this opportunity to perform better! Contact them for a demonstration of our solution.

    Build The Future

    This Year Laval Virtual highlighted emerging talents in immersive technologies through a series of 4 essential competitions:
    ReVolution #Research for academic research projects; ReVolution #StartUps for start-ups under 3 years old; ReVolution #Experiences for immersive content production studios; ReVolution #Students for student projects.
    I tried the technologies and interviewed some exhibitors who fell into these four categories (find the videos below):

    Max Tongue (ReVolution #Students)

    MAX Tongue is a project made in Taiwan, exhibited during the Laval fair, made by students of the National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)  – 國立清華大學 國立清華大學.
    I tested this product and it was really fun and curious to find out what these brilliant minds have come up with! Thanks for let me try it!!!

    國立清華大學 – National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) has a long and proud history. First established as the Tsing Hua Academy at Tsing Hua Garden in Beijing in 1911, the Academy was renamed as National Tsing Hua University in 1928 as its curricula expanded to that of comprehensive university.
    In 1956, NTHU was reinstalled on its current campus in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Since its reinstallation, NTHU has developed from an institute focusing on nuclear science and technology to that of a comprehensive research university offering degree programs ranging from baccalaureate to doctorate in science, technology, engineering, humanities and social sciences as well as management.
    NTHU has been consistently ranked as one of the premier universities in Taiwan and is widely recognized as the best incubator for future leaders in industries as well as academics. Such stellar records are particularly exemplified by the outstanding achievements of our alumni, including two Nobel laureates in physics Drs. Cheng-Ning Yang and Tsung-Dao Lee, one Nobel laureate in chemistry Dr. Yuan-Tseh Lee and one Wolf Prize winner in mathematics Dr. Shiing-Shen Chern.
    On the first of November 2016, NTHU formally incorporated the National Hsinchu University of Education. This merger further diversifies and expands its curricula include arts and education to better prepare the students to take on the challenge of a changing world .
    Website 國立清華大學: LinkedIN: 國立清華大學

    Date Night (ReVolution #Students)

    Date Night – Picture yourself : You’re in your room at night, swiping left and right on your latest dating app. When suddenly, your phone rings : It’s a match! (lucky you) But there’s a little twist to this : you’re actually a 70 year old woman, living in a retirement home, and your social helper isn’t so keen on letting you out at night.

    Well, grab on to your wheelchair, ’cause tonight, it’s Date Night, and you’re definitely going Date Night is a VR game in which you play as a an old person in a wheelchair escaping from their retirement home. Play around with the different items scattered in your environnement to avoid your social helper before they catch you and return you to your bedroom. The game is meant to be played while seated, imitating the movements you would do in a wheelchair with your arms, or using the left joystick to move around.
    Thanks for let me try it!!!
    The Team: Arthur Bertaud – Ergonomy & UI | Charlotte “Shouil” Defives – Game Design | Raphaël Horion – Programing (Gameplay) | Ilan Ouamrouche – Programing (Controls) | Anna Messerschmitt – Graphics
    Additional help: Laurent Bariet – Sound Design | Laurianne Espinadel – Sound Design | Benjamin Chapel – Music Blanche Perissère – Rig & animation assistance | Nathan BARDIN – Programing

    Movable Bag+ (ReVolution #Research)

    MovableBag+ Substitutional Robot for Immersive Boxing Training with Encountered-Type Haptic… directly from Laval Virtual 2023. Thanks Yi Chen Shen for let me try it!!!

    Boxing is a combat sport that involves fierce movement and close body contact between two boxers. In addition to the boxer, the coach is also essential for training. The coach could be injured or too tired to continue consecutive training sessions for many boxers.
    Thus, we present MovableBag+, a substitutional robot that provides room-scale mobility and the ability to carry sport props with an easier tracking setup to stimulate the boxing opponent or coach in virtual reality with encountered-type haptic feedback. In addition, we integrate our system with wireless VR headset and develop a VR boxing application to show the capacity of the device.
    MovableBag+: Substitutional Robot for Enhancing Immersive Boxing Training with Encountered-Type Haptic
    Luis Andres Mendez S., Ho Yin Ng,Zin Yin Lim, Yi-Jie Lu, Ping-Hsuan Han.
    See also: MOVABLE BAG + on Linkedin (Video Cecilia Lascialfari)

    Inclusive Quiet Room (ReVolution #Research)

    Inclusive Quiet Room | Shoko KIMURA | Kenichi O | Rihito TSUBOI | Kazuki OKAWA | Hibiki KOJIMA | Ayaka FUull | Keisuke KITAGAWA | Yoshinori NAT SUME | | The University of Tokyo/Nagoya Institute of Technology | Laval Virtual 2023

    Inclusive Quiet Room is a “calm down room” that combines a space in which people can calm their minds with visual and sound expressions:
    – For building an inclusive society

    – Pour créer une communauté humaine en symbiose
    – Internal Space

    Instant Home “Inclusive Quiet Room” means living in symbiosis together in a quiet room and aims to create a space where people can obtain their own peace of mind in this visual and sound environment.

    This project won the Laval AwardsSIGGRAPH AWARD/REVOLUTION #RESEARCH

    HapToMap (ReVolution #Research)

    HapToMap: A visuo-tactile map interface to support geography education | Akari Watanabe and Toshikaru Ohsima | Interaction 2023 symposium, IPSJ | Laval Virtual 2023 ReVolution | (College of Image Arts and Sciences, Ritumeikan University)

    This work combines a map of Japan with a force-sensing device to provide a virtual tactile expertence and data learning experience on the virtual. This was made possible by incorporating 3D printer data published by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) and geographic data used for general maps in a virtual environment. By using this product, users can move from unit-based learning in the field of geography to related learning with an awareness of the connection between maps and geographic information.
    Purpose of Research:
    Currently, there are only a limited number of maps and models used for each unit of study when conducting geography and topography studies. Furthermore, there is a limit to the information that can be obtained from a single type of map. In other words, in order to understand the cause-and-effect relationship between maps, one must study several types of maps in conjunction with each other. The purpose of this research is to create content that allows students to understand the cause-and-effect relationship between maps and maps, rather than maps for each unit of study through a series of experiences. In this study, we believe that the learning effect can be enhanced not only by using only maps but also by combining the experience of touching the unevenness of the terrain. The purpose of the research is to create content that enables understanding of the causal relationship between maps and maps, rather than maps by learning unit through a series of experiences.
    How to experience:
    The experiencer can feel the unevenness of the terrain through the grasping device. The following is the experience procedure: 
    ① A map is displayed on the monitor
    ② Having the root of a grasping device Move slowly​ Lower it slowly until you feel it​ Be careful not to touch the display
    ③ Move the pen on the map ​ feel unevenness​
    ④ Switch maps by operating the keyboard ACKNOWLEDGMENT
    This work was partially supported by the lapen Society for this Promotion of Science KAKENHI Grant Number 21k12004

    Metaverse Mode Maker | GREE VR Studio Laboratory/REALITY (ReVolution #Research)

    Metaverse Mode Maker | GREE VR Studio Laboratory/REALITY (ReVolution #Research)
    Metaverse Mode Maker is a proof-of-concept project for a new UGC-UX in the REALITY metaverse. We are focusing on user generated contents (UGC) in “mode” (= fashion coordination) by generative AI to supporting user inspiration and motions.

    The users select a base style on our REALITY. app. Then you might want to design it in VR. But…
    Do you really want to draw whole textures? In VR? Our demo project can see a new AI supported fashion coordination system.
    You can join to create new design in VR and your published design will be shared on our database, it can protect your originality. Using QueTra, our motion capture tool for Meta Quest, users will be able to create upper-body animations. In addition, we plan to also use mocopi, SONY’s new mobile motion capture device. Express your upper body performance by merging it with beautiful walking motion thanks to our AI Fusion technologies. You can also perfom music play with original designs and motions.
    Through online voting by VibeShare YouTubeLive, the creation can be cheered from around the world! This project will enforce avatar-driven UGC to drive the future value of the Metaverse and make people more creative to develop personal brand and non-verbal, inter-cultural communication.
    We were always connected. Where, with whom and how will we connect in the future? In somewhere we’ve never seen before, by a new kind of communication. “We can be whoever we want.” REALITY GREE VR Studio Laboratory

    Avatar Robot cafe Dawn – 分身ロボットカフェ Dawn

    分身ロボットカフェ DAWN – AVATAR ROBOT CAFE DAWN – Laval Virtual 2023
    “I’m Satoko. I’m living in Owinaka, Japan. I’m a cancer survivor. I’m nurse and origami instructor. My hobby is playing jazz piano and cello and origami. If my voice is loud or quiet, please speak I will adjust it.


    The “Avatar Robot Cafe DAWN ver.xn--nxa466l opened in Nihonbashi, Tokyo on June 2021.
    In this cafe, some of our staffs work using our avatar robots OriHime and OriHime-D from their homes and hospitals, giving an entirely new definition to remote working. The staffs who work using our avatar robots are all who feel hindered in social participation due to their conditions. They aim to achieve a new form of social participation through the use of technology.
    Visit the cafe to see what the future has to offer for all of us.
    If you want more information, write to Dott. Eng. Yoichi Yamazaki Associate Professor Kanagawa Institute of Technology Kanagawa Institute of Technology Website:
    More video on linkedIn: SATOKO


    Everything that has a form is unreal

    “Everything that has a form is unreal”Artistes : Chia-Chi Chiang – Co-artistes : Raphaël Isdant et Hung-HaoHsu – Partenaires / sponsors : Chia-Chun CHEN, : Bao-Fu CHANG


    Everything in this world is going to disappear, so when we hear it, see it or even say it, it is only a momentary existence. The work is composed of two sculptures: The sound of the two microphones shows a text projection (the action of the projection is like rain, it will disappear on the bowl, then the projected text will disappear (digital state). The calligraphy written on the board will disappear when the water evaporates (physical state). The meaning of “everything that has a form is unreal” does not mean something abstract and ambiguous, rather it is all material objects or concrete and simple facts. When we experience something through our senses, all phenomena such as sound, smell, color and temperature can only be said to exist because we have seen and heard them; more importantly, their existence depends on our perception and awareness. There is no absolute truth for nature itself. Nature changes every moment; “this” is changing constantly in “that”.
    Discover the interactive work through sound and gesture All that has a form is unreal every day from Wednesday to Sunday at Espace Mayenne. Duration: 10 minutes. Number of attendees: 2
    More information: Tout ce qui a une forme est irreel
    Linkedin: Chia-Chi Chiang

    Eve 3.0

    “Eve 3.0” 2023 Compagnie Voixen | Coproduction avec Digital Rise | Recto VRrso | Laval Virtual 2023

    “Eve 3.0” 2023 | Compagnie Voix in co-production with Digital Rise Format dance performance in mixed reality.
    Artistes: Margherita Bergamo Meneghini, Veronica Boniotti, Daniel González-Franco, John Desnoyers-Stewart
    Interprète: Elise Boileau Producteurs Mark Lee, François Klein, Linda Gabbay.
    With the support of Seesaw Project, EUR ArTeC*, France Active Bourgogne, FDVA, Département de Saône-et-Loire, Région Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Château Éphémère – Fabrique sonore et numérique, Artdam Longvic, Laval Virtual Center & Recto VRso festival, the provision of studios at CN D – National Dance Center Paris and DansBlok Leiden.

    *This work has benefited from state aid managed by the National Research Agency under the Future Investments program bearing the reference ANR-17-EURE-0008.

    Eve takes us on a sensitive encounter with six characters. Each of them shares pieces of life where extreme feelings, addiction, anxiety, depression, obsession, jealousy and paranoia, have impacted their social relationships. We hear their voices through the reading of diaries, and we embody their movements, until the gestures become a dance. Eve creates a dialogue through real and virtual bodies, questions the recurring causes of these states of consciousness, and underlines the encouragement to sharing that the meeting of bodies can generate. In this artistic proposal, the public is invited to participate individually and collectively. At different times, it will be possible to enter the game space and embody Eve in one of the stories told. Participation is spontaneous and, outside of VR, the public can also appreciate the performance in its choreographic and multimedia forms.



    A great talk by Kent Bye on the main stage about XR Ethics. This is his personal message:
    (…) Trying to cover the full landscape of XR moral dilemmas in 15-20 minutes is a tall task, and this is a much abbreviated version of my SXSW talk about Ultimate Potential of VR: Promises and Perils. I’ll just have time to cover the perils today, and I’ve made my slides available HERE (…) You can see his talk here:


    In connection from Paris Jean Michel Jarre held his talk which you can see below:Watch the speech by Jean Michel Jarre – Musician, author, performer, metavers pioneer – during Laval Virtual 2023, within the panel METAVERSE DILEMMAS: Content creation in the Metaverse: Building a welcoming world for creators.


    The Fair was held on the days: 11-12-13-14 April 2023 – English and French languages – Espace Mayenne, Laval (France)
    The Laval Virtual Fair is a High Technology Exhibition where entire days of conferences were held, with three rooms
    exhibitions and a space dedicated to an exhibition of art and new technologies. Here is the program and here the agenda
    of the event. Below is a brief summary of how the event unfolded:

    Wednesday 12 April 2023 | Conferences:

    The Future of XR (Extended Reality) Industry: What to Expect?
    The growing adoption of immersive technologies across all business sectors has continued to accelerate since the 1990s
    latest technological advances are increasingly efficient, more realistic renderings for a result that will soon be impossible
    distinguish from reality. From Europe to Asia, this half-day will offer an overview of the major advances expected
    over the next ten years. Microsoft, Qualcomm, renowned scientists… are participating in a real sharing of
    skills for a projection into the future.

    – Immersive Digital Learning
    A cross-cutting theme of the industry, this half-day reviewed the latest innovations in education,
    training and learning through testimonials from users and providers of immersive techniques solutions.

    Thursday 13 April 2023 I Conferences

    – Metaverse Dillemmas
    User and data security, environmental impacts, legal and administrative regulation, challenges to sovereignty… Laval
    Virtual has given the floor to the experts to debate and discuss the topic that arouses debates and passions: the Metaverse.

    – VR/AR: What are the benefits for my business?

    Some of the most important professionals in the sector have testified what the contributions of immersive technologies are
    to their business. Between performance, increase in turnover and media buzz, they presented concrete cases for the
    B2B audience.

    Friday 14 April 2023 I Conferences

    – Industry at 360 degrees
    Manufacturers are the first to value virtual and augmented reality. The conferences have focused on how
    immersive technologies have revolutionized the sector from production to maintenance through assistance.

    – XR for Good

    The witnesses of this half-day have exposed the positive impact of immersive technologies in our society:
    Culture, Education, Health, Humanitarian sector,… To inspire, but also to raise awareness of good practices in the use of
    Competitions were held during the days and a final award was given:

    Tuesday 11 – Wednesday 12 April

    – Limited Time Hackathon
    10 schools from around the world participated in a 30-hour hackathon to develop an XR application on time
    real. The winning team was then awarded with one of the prizes of the Laval Virtual Award.
    Wednesday 12 – Thursday 13 – Friday 14 April 2023
    – ReVolution Projects!
    The ReVolution competition has allowed Startups, Production Studios, Developers, Researchers and Students to benefit
    of an exhibition springboard during the event by exhibiting their innovative projects.

    Thursday 13 April 2023

    The Laval Virtual Awards recognized outstanding projects in Virtual and Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence,
    divided into 8 different categories.
    Simultaneously with the conferences and competitions there were three exhibition halls to visit and a fourth
    pavilion dedicated to an international exhibition of art and new technologies:

    Wednesday 12 – Thursday 13 – Friday 14 April 2023 | EXPO

    – EXPO 3 rooms divided between big brands, startups and universities
    3 days dedicated to professional visitors and 5 days open to the general public. Laval Virtual brought together the entire community
    International VR/AR in an expo divided into 3 rooms with big brands, startups and university researchers.

    – RectoVerso: international exhibition of art and new technologies
    Recto VRso is an international exhibition of virtual and mixed reality and art held as part of the Laval Virtual fair.
    Conceived by artist-researcher Judith Guez, Recto VRso aims to invite the works of artists, researchers, students and
    explorers who question the medium of virtual reality, directly or indirectly, to bring out
    new art forms. This is the event website

    Press Release

    Since 1999, the town of Laval has become for a week the world capitale of virtual reality, gathering within one place the major VR/AR actors: researchers, startups, large corporations, investors, artists and users. It has always been wonderful opportunity to meet all the players of the field and to discover new business opportunities! This year, Laval Virtual is welcoming first-range multinationals companies: Meta, Microsoft, Pico, Valeo, Samsung, PNY, Sopra Steria… as well as stakeholders of the immersive technologies markets: Lynx, Immersion, TechViz, Sense Glove, Myxed, HaptX, Holoforge… You can see here all the exhibitors.

    ReVolution Competitions: VR/AR innovations in the spotlights

    Laval Virtual highlights emerging talents of immersive technologies through a series of 4 unmissable competitions: ReVolution #Research for academic research projects; ReVolution #StartUps for young companies under 3 years of age; ReVolution #Experiences for immersive content production studios; ReVolution #Students for student projects. The ReVolution competitions is an opportunity for VR/AR innovative projects to be exhibited during the event. This year, we received more than 200 hundred applications.

    Top speakers: Netflix, Amazon, etc

    Each year, the conference programme leaves the floor to international experts. This year there are many Laval Virtual BtoB conferences metaverse through 6 thematic half-days. The conferences (in English) will mention the uses and potential of virtual reality, augmented reality and metaverses in many business fields.

    The 6 topics are:

    Future of XR: What to expect in the coming years in terms of technological progress? With Microsoft, Ecorys, etc
    Immersive Digital Learning: How companies and schools take advantage of virtual reality for training? What are the latest trends of Immersive Learning? With Lynx, Accenture, Pwc, etc
    Metaverse Dilemmas: International experts will discuss on stage to decrypt the dilemmas of the Metaverse, both poison, cure and the black sheep of the issues of our society. With Meta, Sydney University, European Commission, etc
    VR & AR: what benefits for my business?: Well-known companies sharing how virtual reality has transformed their way of working and boosted their sales. With Amazon, Snapchat, Chanel, PTC, etc Avec Amazon, Snapchat, Chanel, PTC, etc
    360 Industry: this is an opportunity to take a look at current and future uses in the industry. With Unity, Siemens, Alstom, Valeo, etc
    XR for Good: This topic illustrates the positive impact of VR/AR through testimonials of positive initiatives. With Netflix, orange, Ubisoft, etc


    Official site of Laval Virtual where you can find all the information on exhibitors and talks:


    We expect great things again next year!

    Playlist Video Laval Virtual 2023

    You can find all the videos in the playlist dedicated to Laval Virtual 2023:

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