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I am very honored to have Amy Peck at “Flying Into The Metaverse Through Books & Culture”! This interview was recorded during AWE EU in Lisbon in October 2022. I can’t wait to meet Amy in person again! We asked her to tell us her story and how she got to where she is today. Find below a short intro and the video interview.
Amy Peck is a
Founder and CEO of EndeavorXRXR, Web3 and Metaverse Strategy and Consulting, Board Chair-Prospera Women, Podcast Host-Future Construct, Keynote Speaker, Futurist, Board Member & Advisor, Author Blockchain is the New Black

I met Amy Peck during AWE EU in Lisbon, in the October 2022, at which time we recorded this interview. Amy is a very elegant woman. Without a trace of make-up, she manages to convey to you with her presence a competence of the highest level. You know you have in front of you a woman who can teach you many things. I have always admired Amy because she is one of the most interesting female entrepreneurs in the XR industry. Amy has a wonderful artistic background and I’ve always wondered how she used it to become the point of reference we all know today.

I love having this creative ability me too! But the world of technology is tough, and it’s not always welcoming to those who create content or can contribute their creativity to implement mechanical and mathematical processes. But let’s remember that mathematics is the basis of drawing and art as it is the basis of engineering… (this Leonardo Da Vinci taught us!). These two subjects seem so different, but they intertwine in an incredible way. And I hope sooner or later to find the way that merges them… through the culture!

Found below the key points of the interview:
0:00:00 – Opening Theme
0:00:07CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “Opening the interview”
0:00:15CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “Welcome Amy Peck”
0:00:18AMY PECK: “Hi, I’m Amy Peck”
0:00:19CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “You are Founder and CEO of EndeavorXR, Web3 and Metaverse Strategy and Consulting. How far did you have to travel to get here and where did you start from? Who is Amy Peck in reality?”
0:00:38AMY PECK: Answer
CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “You are a beautiful woman. You have probably received much aesthetic appreciation before your skills are assessed.  How difficult is it for a woman to remain a woman (without playing the role of a man in charge) in the XR world and stand out for her content and not for her appearance?”

0:01:44AMY PECK: Answer
0:03:15CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “You are a very good photographer and you have a beautiful photographic portfolio. Did having an artistic gaze/skills help or penalize you when you arrived in the XR world? What were your difficulties and your luck?”
0:03:32AMY PECK: Answer
0:04:54CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “Tell us about EndeavorVR, how it was born and what you are currently doing.”
0:05:01 AMY PECK: Answer
0:06:30CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “Tell me about your plans for the future… I want to know all the secrets you haven’t told anyone yet!”
0:06:39AMY PECK: Answer
0:08:24CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “Thank you Amy!”
0:08:26AMY PECK: “Thank you!”
0:08:55 – Closing Theme – “Become sponsor of the “Flying Into The Metaverse Through Books & Culture” On the ARea6DoF website you will find the article dedicated to her.


Amy Peck is a business development and strategy executive with years of experience working with startups. Amy holds several Advisory Board roles, chairs the VRARA Enterprise Committee, is a member of IEEE ICICLE XR SIG and is a venture partner at the Capital Region XR Accelerator. She is an active mentor to women in tech and participates in many technology and leadership forums for both startups and established industry players.

She began her career in international licensing with PolyGram UK and Rough Trade Records. She spent years producing fashion stills, music videos and commercials with some of the largest brands, advertising agencies, photographers and directors. She was the post-production & special effects producer for most of her commercials and has always remained on the edge of new and emerging technology.

Amy’s passion for virtual reality began at Leap Motion where she ran the enterprise division working with education, healthcare, retail, hospitality, entertainment and government clients. She worked closely with the Leap Motion developer community to pair talented development teams with these commercial clients. It became clear that there was a need to help foster Augmented & Virtual Reality development in the commercial arena. 

Amy works tirelessly with her developers and enterprise clients and is an avid AR/VR evangelist. She speaks at schools and universities on the topic and mentors students and young developers helping to realize their ambitions. Her own personal mission is to see AR/VR fundamentally improve every aspect of our lives. 

From games, entertainment, social and immersive experiences to medical, industrial and educational solutions, Amy believes in this technology and the positive impact it will make. This is the impetus for her regular hashtag on Twitter: #ARVRForAll with the goal of making this technology accessible and transformative for everyone.
Amy grew up in Palm Beach and New York City and has lived in South Beach, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Fairfield County. She moved to San Francisco 3 years ago and now calls it home.
She is a well-known photographer in her own right ( and has traveled extensively feeding her endless curiosity for global cultures.

Amy’s favorite accomplishments include teaching herself Photoshop and how to ride a unicycle, though her greatest accomplishment is raising her two boys, Spencer and Sebastian.
Amy travels globally giving keynotes, seminars and hosting panels and seminars on Virtual and Augmented Reality. For booking inquiries, please email
She is currently touring and sharing excerpts from her upcoming book, “Blockchain is the New Black”  encouraging all to harness the power of exponential technologies to not only to address the most pressing issues of today, but for us to create the future of work, play, education, wellness and most importantly, humanity.​






Thank you Amy, for being at Flying Into The Metaverse Through Books & Culture!

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