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Flying into the Metaverse Through Books and Culture is honored to have here Alan Smithson, Co-Founder of MetaVRse, Father, Founder, Futurist, Building for the positive future of humanity.
I interviewed Alan Smithson last year in May 2022 during AWE USA 2022 in California and if you went to AWE USA 2022, you can’t forget the wonderful party organized in Alan and Julie’s villa… amazing!

I kept this interview until now, because Alan with his energy boost had to announce AWE USA 2023!  The path that Alan has made this year has been amazing. From Metavrse through Artificial Intelligence…. Alan is proud of his exceptional family, Julie Smithson and her two daughters, Abi Smithson e Holly Smithson that are a fundamental piece of the puzzle of his life!
Alan is a fun character and extraordinarily professional. I had so much fun interviewing him (and especially editing this video!).

What surprises does Alan still have in store for us? We’ll find out in less than a week, at AWE USA 2023! For now, enjoy his interview!

You can find below the key points of this super interview!
0:00:00 – Opening Theme
0:00:07 – CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “Opening the interview”
0:00:18 – ALAN SMITHSON: “1, 2, 3… 1, 2, 3… Say something…Sayyyy”
0:00:20 – CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “Welcome Alan Smithson”
0:00:36 – ALAN SMITHSON: “Hi, I’m Alan Smithson”
0:00:54 – CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “You are Mentor, Investor, Co-Founder of MetaVRse, Father, Founder, Futurist, Building for the positive future of humanity. Who is Alan Smithson in reality?”
0:01:22 – ALAN SMITHSON: Answer
0:00:40 – ALAN SMITHSON: “And now “We dance!!!”
0:01:49 – CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “At some point you challenged the web and “stole” (can we say so?) an image NFT and you put this image like your LinkedIn profile image. That post created a lot of scandal on the web, but it was a post that raised the NFT issue in a really interesting way. Was taking risks the weapon of your success?”
0:02:26 – ALAN SMITHSON: Answer
0:04:11 – CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “Tell us about MetaVRse. Where does the idea come from, where you are in development, what awaits us in the future…”
0:04:22 – ALAN SMITHSON: Answer (Part 1)
0:04:50 – ALAN SMITHSON: Little break to look at “Someone Dance?!?!”
0:04:57 – ALAN SMITHSON: Answer (Part 2)
0:05:21 – CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “How important is Julie Smithson’s presence in your life and work?”
0:05:29 – ALAN SMITHSON: Answer
0:06:12 – CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “Can you make some predictions for the future? What do you think of the Metaverse?”
0:06:17 – ALAN SMITHSON: Answer
0:08:00 – CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “Tell me about your plans for the future… I want to know all the secrets you haven’t told anyone yet!”
0:08:09 – ALAN SMITHSON: Answer
0:09:47 – CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “And now I show you two very interesting gifts from Alan and Julie Smithson…” (Thank you!)
0:10:35 – CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “Thank you Alan, thank you Julie, for your kindness!”
0:10:39 – ALAN SMITHSON: “My pleasure!”
0:10:40 – CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “Thank you all for being here with me today!”
0:10:43 – CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “Who am I?”
0:11:10 – ALAN SMITHSON: “CIAK! It’s finished! And now… we can DANCE!”
0:11:12 – Closing Theme – “Become sponsor of the “Flying Into The Metaverse Through Books & Culture”

During the final party after the end of AWE USA 2022, at his home in California, Alan and Julie gave me a beautiful necklace and two beautiful T-shirts… a truly unexpected gift! (…And a lot of marketing!) Thanks for your kindness Alan and Julie!


Twitter: AlanSmithson1
Websites: (Company) (Personal)

And thank you Alan, for this interview! It’s a very pleasure!


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