“Flying Into The Metaverse Through Books & Culture” is honored to present the interview with Ori Inbar which took place during AWE USA 2022, at the Convention Center in Santa Clara, California.

Ori Inbar is the Co-Founder and CEO of AWE XR, a global community dedicated to advancing augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Since 2010, over 5000 companies and 50,000 professionals have trusted AWE to connect, learn and grow their business in the XR ecosystem – via conferences, meetups, classes, award competitions, industry news, and thousands of free videos about everything XR.

While we wait for the AWE EU event in Lisbon (just a week away!), to learn about what Europe is doing in the XR world, we are also presenting (after the video interview) a retrospective of what was the AWE USA event in California.
But now some information on the Lisbon event AWE EU 2022!


AWE EU 2022 will be held at the Feira Internacional de Lisboa, October 20 – 21, where you’ll be joined by 2,000 XR professionals and will get to experience 100 exhibitors across the expo floor.

Find the Agenda here to consult the AWE EU 2022 event program: AGENDA
Here you will find instead the list of speakers: SPEAKERS
Here is the list of exhibitors: EXHIBITORS 
Here are all the answers you need to know before you go: BEFORE YOU GO

Get ready for the event by accessing awe.live, where you can:

  • Check out the full agenda and 200 speakers
  • Craft your own personal event schedule
  • Customize your profile
  • Schedule meetings in advance with speakers, exhibitors, and like-minded participants

For the best experience at the event, download the awe.live app from the AppStore or Play Store.

Vaccines and masks are NOT required but are both strongly recommended.EARLY BADGE PICK UP will be on Wednesday, October 19 from 16:00-20:00 in Pavilion 1 of FIL. We highly encourage you to pick up your badge then to avoid the Thursday morning rush.

Lastly, click here for more information to prepare you for the event.
We are looking forward to seeing you in-person soon!

(Reference AWE Newsletter)


Find the video interview of Ori Inbar from June 2022 in California below:

0:00:00 – Opening Theme 
0:00:08 CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “Opening the interview” 
0:00:19 ORI INBAR: “Hey everyone!” 
0:00:20 CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “Welcome Ori Inbar”
0:00:32 ORI INBAR: “I’m Ori Inbar CEO and CO-Founder AWE”
0:00:46CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “We are at the 13th annual edition of AWE which takes place a few months after the edition of AWE in November 2021. There have been many changes from November 2021 to June 2022. Can you give us a summary of how the event went this year, numbers, participations etc?”
0:00:16ORI INBAR: Answer
0:01:56 CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “AWE Nite have multiplied around the world and are all taking place within the AWE.live app. Can we say that the app has become a point of reference for the entire AWE community in recent months?”
0:02:12 ORI INBAR: Answer
0:02:57 CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “You have launched the first episode of the “Spatial show” series. Can you tell us how the idea was born and how much the public is appreciating the initiative?”
0:03:09ORI INBAR: Answer
0:04:27CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “What can we expect from AWE EU which will take place in October in Lisbon?”
0:04:37 ORI INBAR: Answer
0:05:16 CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “With this interview you become the official protagonist of the Flying Into The Metaverse Through Books & Culture project. Do you think it is important to highlight how much culture there is in the Metaverse?”
0:05:33 ORI INBAR: Answer
0:06:46 CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “Can you make some predictions for the future? What do you think of the Metaverse?”
0:06:51ORI INBAR: Answer
0:08:02CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “Tell me about your plans for the future… I want to know all the secrets you haven’t told anyone yet!”
0:08:13 ORI INBAR: Answer
0:09:14 CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “Thank you Ori!” 
0:09:16 CECILIA LASCIALFARI: Who am I?” 
0:09:59 CECILIA LASCIALFARI: “See you soon at the next interview! Bye, Bye!”
0:10:02 Closing Theme – Become sponsor of the “Flying Into The Metaverse Through Books & Culture”

AWE USA 2022

AWE USA 2022, was a highly anticipated event because it finally took place again in June and the expectations were repaid; it was an event of true excellence.
All the talks and the choices of the speakers were excellent, the expo and the playground stimulated the curiosity of those present until the last minute of the last available day.

The AWE USA 2021 edition, which was held only a few months earlier, in November 2021 had the “taste of the forbidden”, it was a first return to the presence that everyone had wanted for two years now after the restrictions due to the covid pandemic.
This year in June AWE USA 2022 returned to being an event focused on high-level business.

The introduction of Ori Inbar focused on dreams, which are increasingly possible to realize thanks to the new technologies of the XR world, spoke more to the feelings and the possibility of seeing a future that improves thanks to technology, unlike the opening of AWE USA 2021 which was more scenic, but that perhaps led you less to reflect on the future.

There was no shortage of twists such as Ori’s “My bucket list”, which listed six wishes among which, walking on the moon, flying in the sky, exploring the depths of the sea, visiting the wonders of the world, climbing everest… all achieved, and perhaps thanks to the XR world you will be able to obtain superpowers!

There was another very important moment in AWE USA 2022, and that was the announcement of the XR Prize against climate change, a challenge in which $100,000 will bebe awarded during the next year.
You can find all the information here: XR Prize Climate Change Challenge

AWE is the most anticipated event in the XR sector, and also this year gathered a community of over 4000 live participants, 3000 people were connected through the app AWE.live, and 250 sellers were present in the exhibitor area.
The live broadcast on the AWE.live app, the opening of the expo and the even larger playground in November, with a very careful focus on augmented reality glasses, involved and enthused the participants.

And as Ori Inbar pointed out in the interview we did for ARea6DoF:
“It is incredible to think that in 2010 alone, the exhibition area was as large as the entire Qualcomm stand of today in 2022”.


Many articles have been written and many photos have been published online and the points of view were really so different that every time I read an article I felt like I was experiencing a part of the event I hadn’t attended.
A big thank you goes to all those who have written and posted their impressions and experiences on this event.

Here are some of the most interesting articles on AWE USA 2022, starting with the perfect Forbes article “AWE 2022 Wrap Up”, written by Charlie Fink (which I adore for his frankness, synthesis and his great competence), passing to the article “All the news from AWE 2022” of Tom Ffiske, who collected all the most interesting articles on the announcements of AWE USA 2022 as the event drew to a close, to move on to the phantasmagoric, punctual and always fun articles of Antony Vitillo who always smiles at us with his SkarredGhost blog (find here one of the most successful articles of this edition AWE 2022: Unity CEO talks about his vision of the metaverse), to finally find confirmation on the blog di AWE of what was the success of the entire show.


An innovative event also from the point of view of the online presentation of the news and what was happening, with an Instagram profile, AWE.XR which expressed emotions through images, and with the live streaming on the AWE YouTube Channel from the playground that allowed, even those at home to know what was happening in California.

AWE.live app, which runs 365 days a year, and which has recently grown in number of subscribers and application development (a big thank you to the developers) has allowed live coverage all over the world.

Finally, the numerical growth of the AWE TEAM, confirming the fact that the initiatives of this company are all highly appreciated by the large community that follows them, was the icing on the cake. (Guys even if you are behind the scenes you are very strong!)

If you missed the event, you can review all the talks by connecting to AWE.live https://awe.live/home and you will be able to access the contents after logging in and relive all the most exciting moments of AWE with professionals in the sector.


The last AWE EU event in Europe was in Munich in 2019 (those who were present will remember the beautiful space and the absolutely European and innovative feel of the event).
As always, AWE is full of news and we can anticipate that from Italy there will be companies that will show how much progress in the XR sector is proceeding at great speed.

ARea6DoF in agreement with AWE, therefore offers the opportunity to have a 20% discount on the ticket price, to those who want to participate in AWE EU 2022.

Only 50 people/companies can take advantage of the discount I published here on my site… It’s not too soon to get your ticket for AWE EU with the discount!!!

Find below the discount code to enter during the ticket purchase procedure and also find the link that takes you directly to a page where the discount is already applied (you can follow one of the two procedures).

This is the discount code: 


If you need information, you can write to me through the form you find here on the ARea6DoF website or through my LinkedIn profile Cecilia Lascialfari.

We are waiting for all of you to make the Lisbon event one of the most interesting European events of recent years!


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