I wrote 13 concepts, on the image generated from AI programme, based on the reflections made in recent weeks with all the people who have talked with me from all over the world, who frequent various communities on the net.
I think we can’t stop a wave when it’s too big, just as we can’t put a cap on an erupting volcano. Everything that is rejected, sooner or later is regulated and becomes everyone’s.
Before judging, criticizing and feeling deeply offended in our ego, let’s try to understand.

1) What is the Future of “ART” with “AI”?
2) AI software for Image Generation are “NEW TOOLS”
3) How to use them is entirely “UP TO YOU”
4) Your “ACTION” is the most important thing.
5) Your “TOUGHTS” are essential.
6) The “PIXEL” unites us.
7) Your “BACKGROUND” makes the difference.
8) Your “CONSTANCY” in research, makes you an “ARTIST”.
9) “BRAINSTORMING” gives birth to ideas.
10) The “ART” is in evolution.
11) We need to talk about “GENERATIVE CREATIVITY”.
12) “RANDOM” becomes your choice.
13) Before judging “TRY”.

And this video (which you can see below) is made by me, Cecilia Lascialfari, with 105 selected #AI Generated Images, worked with DALL·E, MidJourney, After Effects, YouTube Studio and my imagination.

The rights of these images generated by artificial intelligence systems are not yet clear. But there is a landmark 1984 U.S. court ruling involving Andy Warhol’s modification of a photograph of Prince.
The artwork did not infringe photographer Lynn Goldsmith’s copyright, according to a ruling that sided with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. (…)
You can read it here: Andy Warhol’s ‘Prince Series’ Is Fair Use, Court Rules
I believe that many questions we ask ourselves today have already been partially discussed when movements such as Dadaism and then Pop Art were created… Maybe they did not become laws because the cases were sporadic, but perhaps they have already untied some knots…
We can try to think about some concepts on this new tools?

Reference: 13 concepts on AI + video

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