While we wait for AWE EU 2023, which this year will be held in Vienna (Austria) on 24th and 25th October, let’s refresh our memories with what happened at AWE EU 2022.
Which companies were present last year? What will we see this year at AWE EU 2023? What innovations will surprise us that we didn’t see last year? How has technology evolved in Europe after 12 months?

Ori Inbar at AWE EU 2022, Lisbon, Portugal

Last year AWE EU 2022 took place in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal, just a stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean. Many companies that we had met in Munich in 2019 were not present in Lisbon, perhaps the Covid period or the location too far south did not favor the arrival of many companies from northern Europe.
This year however the most interesting expo in Europe moves to Vienna, in Austria, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe (as well as romantic!). The expectation to see what are the large companies dealing with new technologies in Europe in 2023 is very high.

Liz Rosenthal, Amy Peck, Cecilia Lascialfari, Jay Latta at AWE EU 2022, Lisbon, Portugal

The talks organized by the AWE Team (with Sonya Haskins at the head of coordination – you can see her video of AWE EU 2022 at this link) and the organization of the event are always at the top… the Auggie Awards, the After Party… I’m too excited not to be at this event! AWE is the event and organization that gave me the opportunity to broaden my range of knowledge in the new technologies sector and to which I like to associate the word “inclusivity” as one of the characteristics that makes this community exceptional. But now, let’s take a leap into the past (I know that futurists don’t like the past, but that’s where ideas for the future come from…) and let’s dust off what we saw last year at the Expo AWE EU in Lisbon.
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Ori Inbar, Antony Vitillo, Terence L. Bina, Cecilia Lascialfari, Andrea Lowery, Maud Clavier, Luis Bravo Martin, Megan Gerber, at AWE EU 2022, Lisbon, Portugal

During AWE EU 2022 I interviewed some companies. These are the companies interviewed:
VITRUVIAN VR with Ori Inbar as a special guest, CleanBoxTech with Antony Vitillo as a special guest, ASTRID, FFFACE.ME, PatchXR, Draw & Code, LightClash, VR Workout, Shiftall MeganeX Panasoni VR Glasses, Augmented.City, InterDigital, Cathline Smoos with ImbueVR…

VITRUVIAN VR – Where history and technology meet virtual reality

Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian ManVitruvian VR® simulator is a professional mechanical system with gyroscopic structure. The machine uses automation and industrial components that allow high performance and reactivity suitable for multiple VR experiences such as flight or driving simulations.

4 Axis Full 360 degrees body rotation, no gimbal lock.
No motion sickness 100% coherence between the user’s movements and the VR environment.
Easy set up Suitable for permanent installations or temporary events.

Website: https://www.vitruvianvr.com

CleanBoxTech – with a special guest Antony Vitillo (Skarredghost)

Cleanbox Technology – Global Leaders in UVC LED Decontamination
Cleanbox Technology UVC LED disinfection solutions decontaminate the surfaces of any device, including VR and AR headsets to healthcare-grade standards (99.999%) in just 1 minute cycle times. Cleanbox patented engineering is proven safe for any fabrics, plastics, lenses, and electronics and contains no hazardous materials. Founded in 2018, Cleanbox is trusted by over 2,000 major clients across 15 industries, in 50 countries to safely and cost-effectively decontaminate all brands of Virtual and Augmented Reality devices, along with thousands of other frequently shared or touched devices.

Website: https://cleanboxtech.com

ASTRID – Climate Change Education

Astrid is a product suite of engaging educational experiences about climate change. Each product aims to give students the knowledge and resources to understand and debate climate change issues.
Astrid products fall within three categories:
– Educational Games
– Educational Stories
– Educational Tools

Games are interactive, Stories bring deeper knowledge, and Tools are for educators, to help them teach.
In the near future, they are also using their 27+ year history of making interactive, engaging user experiences in museums to develop museum exhibitions which span across all three categories.

Educational Games are immersive, engaging educational experiences which facilitate learning, understanding, and creative and critical thinking about Climate Change. Their first product is “Garden of Choices”, a Virtual Reality role-playing game to facilitate discussion and debate about Climate Change.

Educational Stories are more traditional educational content which provides in-depth knowledge about Climate Change. This may take the form of stories, experiences, presentations, videos, and more. Their first product is the “Climate Alarm”, a short film exploring the building blocks of climate change issues. Educational Tools Educational Tools are specifically designed for educators to help them teach climate change.
These tools might include websites, videos, presentations, worksheets, tests and more.
They are co-created with teachers, scientists, researchers and ministries. The goal of these tools is to help educators focus on teaching by providing them with the most relevant scientific information in a format they can immediately use.

The Astrid Product Suite:
1) Garden of Choices – Our first product, a virtual reality role playing game.
2) Ocean Experience – Educational experiences in the Arctic ocean.
3) Card Game – A multi-player game to instigate discussion and debate.
4) Museum Exhibitions – Immersive and educational museum exhibitions. Making climate change education approachable, engaging, and relevant.

Website: https://astrid.is/

FFFACE.ME – International company that integrates cutting-edge technologies into marketing and PR communications.

FFFACE.ME is an international company that integrates cutting-edge technologies into marketing and PR communications.
XR & WEB3 Product House Game-Changing Innovations for world-renowned brands.

The international technical award-winning studio
Metauniverse design agency FFFACE has received notable awards, including Best Fashion Award, Global Social Media Award, European Content Award, and Effie. They are very pleased that their work is liked by clients and recognized experts in this field. The results of their work are a matter of our pride and confirmation that customers made the right choice by preferring their company.

Filters for Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat
To make a photo bright and beautiful, it is enough to use filters correctly. Each filter imposes a special effect on the photo, thanks to which the image becomes stylish and interesting. They offer AR masks for brands that are used for promotion. This is a new type of digital marketing. Such augmented reality enables brands to:
– interact with the audience in a new way;
– attract new users;
– involve subscribers in active actions.

In their work, specialists provide that the mask corresponds to the CA and its requests. They study statistics and also focus on trends.

Digital clothing
Virtual clothes for social media are skirts, dresses, suits, pants, hats, and even bags that are designed in 3D, sometimes with animation elements. Such clothes can be worn both on a photo of a real person and a cartoon character.
Digital fashion is not only a modern trend for virtual users but also a convenient tool for designers, thanks to which they can implement the most daring ideas, test them and collect feedback while saving a lot of resources.

Virtual avatars
Today there are many products for business. One of the most popular is represented by a virtual avatar. This is a great solution for the B2B segment, although, in reality, there are many more areas where “virtual people” are gradually being introduced. Virtual avatar is an innovative solution that can be implemented in marketing, sales, and fashion industry, blogs, and Metaverses.

Real estate in the metaverse
Our company is bringing the Metaverse to life, developing its XR Augmented Reality ecosystem, and delving deeper into Web3 technologies. We introduce marketing innovations into the work, which makes it possible to increase the competitiveness of your enterprise. 

FFFACE.ME produce:
Insta, Snap, TikTok Filters & AR Mirrors, Semi-digital and Digital Clothing, Virtual Avatars, Metaverse Projects, NFT

Tech stack:
Spark AR, TikTok Effect House, Lens Studio, Unity, AR Kit, 3D Clo, Marvelous Designer, Cinema 4D, Blender, Unreal Metahuman, iClone, Character Creator, Unity, C++, Spatial.io editor, Decentraland editor, Blender, Unreal engine, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Blender, Procreate, Adobe Photoshop

Bringing an innovative product to the market makes business more successful.

Website: https://ffface.me

PatchXR – Sound and Vision in mixed realities

PatchWorld is the metaverse as your own playground – with all the emotional power of music!

PatchXR is a Swiss-Danish studio focused on sound and vision in mixed realities. They were founded in 2020, but their pedigree begins much earlier. Co-founder Mélodie Mousset is the creator of HanaHana, an award-winning surrealist VR artwork five years in the making celebrated by film festivals and the interactive circuit alike. A half-decade of development produced the core philosophy of their bespoke VR sound engine, Patch. Eduardo Fouilloux had in parallel developed MuX, a sandbox for musical instrument creation available on Steam.
This coming together of co-founders represents an unprecedented convergence of backgrounds in interactive sound and extended realities, all in a single vision of an accessible, emotionally powered new genre of tools and music.

PatchXR Team. They are award-winning artists, designers, engineers, musicians, and explorers blending cultures and talents to harness immersive technology for the imagination. Their team has worked in gaming, procedural audio, and visual art for decades and has produced work seen in museums and festivals across the globe. Now, they want to bring together a community of players and makers in the Metaverse, to create together a new form of intersensory art.

Creativity is at its smartest when you’re having fun. So this is a space of play, musically and visually – where all people can build worlds together.
More fun is smarter by design. They think spatial computing will change the way they experience self-expression, games, creativity, and friends. So that means your most amazing musical creations depend on all making a community for you where you feel free. Your ideas and your creativity come first, throughout their modular platform – from high-level gestures to low-level mechanics.
At the heart of this approach, PatchXR’s tools combine the best of musical instruments with gaming using building blocks native to extended realities (xR) and immersive media. Feel like you’re touching sound and music with simple gestures – play that is fundamentally personal in a space that’s shared.

Website: https://patchxr.com

DRAW & CODE – AR, VR and Immersive Tech to make magic happen

DRAW & CODE use AR, VR and Immersive tech to make magic happen. They are immersive and experimental content specialists. Draw & Code boasts over a decade working with immersive and interactive tech including VR, AR, games and installations. If you are looking for your innovation partner, you have just found them.
Whether you are looking for help with AR, VR, games, web or events, they are amongst the world’s most prolific immersive and interactive studios.

[AUGMENTED] Use the magic of augmented and mixed reality to bring the virtual and real world together.
[VIRTUAL] Step inside another world, either with a VR headset or using the latest video game techniques.
[IMMERSIVE] Utilising a range of theatrical techniques, they can bring your spaces and attractions to life like never before.
[R&D] Their dedicated R&D studio can allow your organisation to understand and harness the latest technology.

Website: https://drawandcode.com

LIGHTCLASH – The World’s First Multiplayer First Person Shooter Mobile Game in AR

LightClash AR is the world’s first multiplayer first person shooter mobile game in augmented reality. Powered by their unique optical communication technology, the game can be played anywhere, at any time. Just get together with your friends, start a game session and try your luck with the laser blaster!

Website: https://lightclash.ar

VRWorkout – The Most Effective Workout in Virtual Reality

VRWorkout is the most effective workout in Virtual Reality with gentle modes for beginners & seniors. VRWorkout is a hand tracking based full body exercise game with custom music, dynamic difficulty based on heart rate and multiplayer workouts. In short the most effective workout in VR, pushing the boundaries of movements in virtual reality with crunches, pushups, burpees and more. Workouts are progressively generated to always stay fresh, and if you got 10 minutes you have a VR workout

Some of exercises, including firsts in Virtual Reality:
– RUNNING – The game tracks your running speed and awards more points the faster you go
– PUNCHING / DUCKING – Arm movements to the beat of the music and fast ducking to avoid bad targets
– SQUATS – Shallow or deep squats depending on your comfort level
CRUNCHES/SITUPS – Engange your core muscles by reaching for higher targets
– BURPEES – Pushups followed by jumps get your heart pumping
– PUSHUPS/SIDEPLANKS – Classic pushup, one armed planks and side planks
– JUMPING – Fast and small jumps similar to skip rope jumping

Website: xrworkout.io
AppLab/Oculus: quest.vrworkout.at
Steam: steam.vrworkout.at
Discord: chat.vrworkout.at 


MeganeX is an ultra-lightweight and ultra-compact VR headset compatible with SteamVR.
These are equipped with a 5.2 K/10 bit HDR micro OLED display by Kopin and pancake lens by Panasonic. These will deliver the world’s highest level of viewing experience and black expression that only OLED can provide.
A folding frame with built-in speakers makes it easy to carry around. It supports 6DoF and lets you enjoy a variety of SteamVR-enabled VR applications.MeganeX is a version that focuses on fit and comfort. While being lightweight, it provides a comfortable playing for heavy users, they spend more than 2,000 hours a year in the Metaverse. A forehead pad distributes pressure and ensures an IPD of 56 -72 mm. You make the lenses to suit you and fit them into the supplied spectacle lens adapters to accommodate different diopters, including astigmatism. Diopter adjustment function is not available.MeganeX Business Edition is a version designed for typical Business use cases. It will be shared among multiple users by supporting the diopter adjustment mechanism for each person’s eyesight. The nose holding pad makes it easy to wear and take off.

Website: https://en.shiftall.net/
I point out an excellent review made by Antony Vitillo, sul suo sito SkarredGhost at this link where you can learn about this technology.

Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development of diverse electronics technologies and solutions for customers in the consumer electronics, housing, automotive, and B2B businesses. The company, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2018, has expanded globally. Committed to pursuing new value through innovation across divisional lines, the company uses its technologies to create a better life and a better world for its customers.

Website: https://www.panasonic.com/global

AUGMENTED.CITY – Create city-scale AR experiences, apps and products

Augmented.City is an augmented reality cloud & platform ecosystem that allows you to capture, enrich with data, and visualize it on location in basically any device.

Augment. Create. Dive in. All you need is a smartphone. Discover the world with AR. Work with augmented reality.

Augmented Reality at scale in three easy steps
Create city-scale AR Clouds with easy, populate them with information and instantaneously localize inside them. The information could be visualized and shared with any mobile device.

Website: https://augmented.city/

INTERDIGITAL – Enabling the Technology of Tomorrow

For 50 years, InterDigital® has been inventing foundational wireless and video technologies that have become essential to daily life and enable the next generation of connected ecosystems. As a result, InterDigital is a leader in making the connected world we depend on possible.
Their business model is rooted in research and innovation, and InterDigital’s world-class engineers drive the development of advanced technologies and contribute them to global standards that define the future of wireless communication and video. Sitting at the intersection of today’s connected world and tomorrow’s next generation connected ecosystems, they are focused on shaping the future of communication. Many companies bring innovations that improve a single product; but at InterDigital, their inventions help improve every product in the markets we participate in, from the most basic to the most advanced, transforming industries and enabling connected ecosystems that are part of their daily lives.

InterDigital has been a wireless pioneer for five decades, with our engineers and inventors designing and developing a wide range of advanced technologies used in digital cellular and wireless products and networks, including 4G and WiFi-related products and networks. Today, they’re a leader in wireless evolution from 5G to 6G, a thought leader in XR industry and, over the course of the last two decades, the source of several thousand contributions to key global standards.
With a respected video heritage yielding one of the leading innovation portfolios in the industry, InterDigital is also a leader in video research, driving new capabilities and making significant contributions to key global video standards. Today, they are a consistent contributor to MPEG and ITU standards while leading innovation in 2D, 3D, and immersive video standards, state of the art video codecs, and advanced video solutions.

Website: https://www.interdigital.com/

CATHLINE SMOOS – SexTech Speaker – CEO Imbue, The Love-Tech company

ImbueVR is a collaborative GAME of sexual fantasies in VR for couples, created to bring passion and realistic interaction to virtual reality in adult erotic games. Aimed for couples and offering a fresh alternative to the classic gender stereotyped adult industry.

Website ImbueVR: https://www.imbuevr.com/

Website Cathline Smoos: https://www.smoos.fr/


The last AWE EU event in Europe was in Lisbon in 2022 (those who were present will remember the beautiful space and the absolutely European and innovative feel of the event).
As always, AWE is full of news and we can anticipate that from Italy there will be companies that will show how much progress in the XR sector is proceeding at great speed.

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AWE EU Sessions (open 2 days) Starts at 9:00 local time in Vienna Tuesday, October 24 to Wednesday, October 25.
AWE EU Expo Hall (open 2 days) Opens at 11:00 on Tuesday, October 24 and 10:00 on Wednesday, October 25.  
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We are waiting for all of you to make the Vienna event one of the most interesting European events of recent years!

AWE EU Lisbon 2022
Gabriella Chihan Stanley, Maud Clavier, Antony Vitillo, Nathan C. Bowser, Cecilia Lascialfari, Alfredo Morresi, at AWE EU 2022, Lisbon, Portugal

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