International Congress of eXtended Reality in Sciences

From 28 to 30 October 2020, took place #DIMENSIONSXR2020, the International Congress of XR in Sciences, organized by the Swiss Society of Augmented and Virtual Reality SSVAR, based in Geneva.

The main objectives of #DIMENSIONSXR2020 were to identify new technological trends, development tools, new products, build research collaborations, acquire business partners, discover how to make commercial innovations and what are the most interesting business opportunities in the XR sector.

Leading scientists, researchers, engineers, professionals, technology developers, and policy makers in science and in the XR world, came together to share information on their latest research and innovation advances.
The Executive Committee was composed of:

Mohamed Jean-Philippe Sangare – Founder & CEO di SSVAR
Director of #DIMENSIONSXR2020, multifaceted Professional, with knowledge in various fields of IT, Science, Technology, and Human Sciences.

Takoua Ben Issa – Chief Event Manager di SSVAR
Scientific Coordinator, Material Scientist expert in Quantum Chemistry (DFT calculations).

Konstantin Startchev – VP and CTO at SSVAR
Researcher and Developer in the field of Computer Vision, Augmented, and Virtual Reality, with more than 25 years of experience in software development.

The conference took place completely online, in live streaming, for three consecutive days.

Video made by Dragan Stiglic © 2020

In the afternoon of October 28, after the opening meeting of Director Mohamed J.P. Sangaré, it was the turn of Doctor Konstantin Starchev who presented the Scientific Committee of #XRDimensions2020.
, Dr. Takoua Ben Issa spoke about the various sessions, to get to the first panel held by Tom Furness, who also continued in the following talk together with two other professionals in the sector, Carolina Cruz-Neira, and Louis Rosenberg, moderated by Kent Bye.

28 October 2020

OpeningMohamed J.P. Sangaré
Scientific committee panelKonstantin Starchev (moderatore): Adeline Stals, Christine Perey, Dennis J. Solomon, Dioselin Gonzalez, Giovanni Landi, Gregory Maubon, Guillaume Poirier, Ibrar Hussain, Kuthadi Venu Madhav, Nevicia Case, Philipp Rauschnabel, Professor Mischa Dohler, Professor Robert Stone, Thomas Boillat, Andres Leon-Geyer, Dr. Andri Ioannou, Dr. Eric Vezzoli, Dr. Hamed Yazdani Nezhad, Dr Isabel Van De Keere, Dr. Isabella Pasqualini, Dr. Veronica Costa Orvalho, Professor Jean-Paul Kneib, Professor Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Professor Yassin Aziz Rekik
Conference chairs panelDr. Takoua Ben Issa
Tom Furness talkPr. Tom Furness
XR pioneers talkKent Bye, Pr. Tom Furness, Dott.Carolina Cruz-Neira, Dott. Louis Rosenberg

The next two days were characterized by specific sessions.
Find below the topics of the various talks, and the names of the speakers of the days of 29 and 30 October.

29 October 2020

Medicine and HealthcareProfessor Ahmed Shafi, Dr. Asmâa Hidki, Dr. Sana Farid, Rafael J. Grossmann, MD, Dominik Fischer, Lars Riedemann, MD, Dr. Robert G. Louis, Spiegel, Brennan MD, Dr. Walter Greenleaf
Space and AeronauticsHamed Yazdani Nezhad
Architecture and constructionPr. Yassin Rekik, Tobias Frey, Dr. Beatrix Emo, Pr. Arzu Çöltekin
Business and marketingSaverio Romeo, InnovX, Ori Inbar
Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer InteractionsKiyoshi Kiyokawa, Eric Vezzoli, Roderick Mc Call, Mark Melnykowycz, Daniela Romano, Veronica Costa Orvalho
Human-Centered DesignMonique Morrow, Jason Jerald, Suzan Oslin, Ferhan Ozkan, Dennys Kuhnert, Roger Kung
Open talks Chapter 1Jain Ananya, Pr. Carolina Cruz-Neira, Dr. Moriba Jah, Dr. Labaly Touré, Dr. Frédéric Ouattara

30 October 2020

EducationThomas Cochrane, Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Carl Boel, Pau Guardiola, Michael Torrence
XR safety and privacyAlina Kadlubsky, Kavya Pearlman
Sci-Arts,Gaming and CinemaDaniel Landau, Sarah Kenderdine, Pia Tikka, David Parisi, Andres Leon-Geyer
Neurosciences and psychologyBéatrice Hasler, Isabel Van De Keere, Alires Almon, Susan Persky
XR in FactoriesEkaterina Prasolova-Førland, Björn Johansson
Research in XRRexcel Cariaga, Marc Pollefeys, Andrea Bravo, Antony Vitillo, Dragan Stiglic
Open talks Chapter 2Emmanuel Keita, Arthur Clay, Louis Rosenberg, Mohamed Balghouthi, Krzysztof Pietroszek, The Cyber-XR Coalition
To consult the complete program, see this link: Program

On the DIMENSIONSXR2020 website, you can see all the biographies of the speakers.

We report below, only a few.

Prof. Tom Furness – “Grandfather of Virtual Reality “-
Founder of Virtual World Society, an international no-profit organization, founded in 2015 based in Seattle, with the mission of making humanity grow by unlocking intelligence and connecting minds to face the world’s problems.

Dott.ssa Carolina Cruz-Neira – She is known around the world for being the creator of the Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE), a virtual reality system.
She has been named, one of the best innovators in the field of Augmented Reality and one of the three best Visionary Women in this sector.

Prof. Ori Inbar – Co-Founder and CEO of Augmented Reality.org, an international no-profit organization dedicated to the development of Augmented Reality; he is also Co-Founder of SuperVentures and AWE (Augmented World Expo), the most important fair in the Augmented and Virtual Reality sector since 2010.

Prof. Louis Rosenberg – Founder and Scientific Director of Unanimous AI: “We can amplify the intelligence of human groups by developing a new form of AI, based on the biological principles of Swarm Intelligence.”
He predicted the results of the US presidential election in September 2020 (The Wall Street Journal).

Dott. Walter Greenleaf – Neuroscientist, expert in Virtual Reality and Digital Health Technology at Stanford University. Currently Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Stanford University’s MediaX program and Visiting Scholar at Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab.

Two Italians, Antony Vitillo, also known as SkarredGhost, and Giovanni Landi who was part of the Scientific Committee of the event.

Antony Vitillo presented a very interesting panel on the 5 senses and VR; showing haptic suits, the latest generation sensors, and explaining what is the path that VR is taking in the direction of bodily involvement.

Giovanni Landi, who currently lives in Switzerland and works at the University of Geneva, is VR Specialist (Biology), AR developer, AR/VR Creative Director, UX Designer, and Evangelist.

This International Congress brought together XR pioneers, leading scientists, researchers in science and the XR world, in a series of high-level live streaming meetings.

With the registration to the event, it was included:

  1. “Certificate of participation” delivered by the Swiss Virtual and Augmented Reality Society: SSVAR.
  2. Unlimited access to videos after the event ends.
  3. One year of free SSVAR membership
  4. Privileged access to the first edition of the special issue of “Dimensions in XR – The open-access journal of eXtended reality” (you can find all the relevant information on the site of SSVAR).

Thanks to all the participants!

It was the first year that #DIMENSIONSXR2020 took place.
Follow the SSVAR website, to stay updated on all the new opportunities that will be made available.
Some meetings are already scheduled for December, don’t miss them!

SSVAR: the Swiss Augmented Reality Company, and eXtended Reality, independent, active.

SSVAR, is the Swiss Augmented and eXtended Reality Company. These are its aims:

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, SSVAR is dedicated to creating a bridge between the user consumer and the professionals of the Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality industry.

It promotes the global growth of the Swiss XR industry by making educational and training material available to creators and users of the technology through courses and direct support.

It brings together Swiss and international experts from the XR sector to collaborate to create educational resources and promote the best ideas in the sector, with the aim of informing partners, government organizations, researchers and the public about the potential of the new technology sector.

The Company offers consultancy services, through its network and the members who are part of it in the AR, VR, XR sectors. aimed at anyone who wants to develop an idea, create an application and promote it.

These are the social profiles of SSVAR: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

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