Digital Safari returns at Nana Bianca with 4 evenings to share with speakers and the public to talk about Artificial Intelligence!
🦜 Luca Cappiello, Digital strategist and 🦭 Annagrazia Stifanelli, Project Manager of Nana Bianca, will delve into a different topic every evening through the professional and life experiences of industry guests and direct exchanges with the public.
In this first appointment, “Getting ready for the future: The impact of AI”, it will talk about what AI really is and how it is transforming the way we live and work, from its practical applications to its impact on society. Through concrete examples, we will try to shed light on this ongoing digital revolution and its future prospects.
There will be many questions during the evening, trying to identify the key factors on AI and share concrete examples together with the guests.

The guests of this first evening will be:
🦒Simone Puorto, Founder&CEO @TravelSingularity
🦩Cecilia Lascialfari Generative AI Researcher –
🐒Alessandro Vercellotti Digital Lawyer

The event is completely free and open to all. We are waiting for you starting from 6.00 pm at Nana Bianca, entrance from Piazza di Cestello 10, Florence (Italy). At the end of the talk it will be possible to network with the guests!

The series of 4 DigitalSafari events was presented yesterday, May 8th, at a press conference and appeared in the main national newspapers.

You can book your free ticket on Eventbrite

You can find the press review here:

La Nazione “Artificial Intelligence” A Safari to get to know it”

La Nazione - "Artificial Intelligence" A Safari to get to know it"


Firenze Today“Digital Safari”, at Nana Bianca a series of events on Artificial Intelligence

Firenze Today - "Digital Safari", at Nana Bianca a series of events on Artificial Intelligence


Startup Italia – Digital Safari: Getting ready to the Future: The impact of AI

Startup Italia - Digital Safari: Getting ready to the Future: The impact of AI


InToscana – Artificial intelligence is a jungle to explore: the new “Digital Safari” cycle begins

InToscana - Artificial intelligence is a jungle to explore: the new "Digital Safari" cycle begins

Corriere Fiorentino – Florence, Nana Bianca’s tour inside Artificial Intelligence

Corriere Fiorentino - Florence, Nana Bianca's tour inside Artificial Intelligence

THiNK – Digital Culture Festival

On May 9th at Nana Bianca, you can find a selfie wall of 2×2 meters realised by Cecilia Lascialfari,
together with Artivive and Think – Festival della Cultura Digitale

On the occasion of the Festival della Cultura Digitale “THiNK 2024”, which this year will be held on 10-11-12 May in the center of Figline, the Municipality of Figline e Incisa Valdarno decided to create a connection with Artivive and create a “selfie wall” for the event.

The image printed on the 2 by 2 meter selfie wall was created with a series of image generations using Generative Artificial Intelligence.
Augmented Reality has been added to this.
The animation works when the person stands in front of the selfie wall; By framing the image with the Artivive application, the wings with the colors of THiNK 2024 come alongside the person and come to life and begin to move.
It is then possible to record a video to share on social media via the Artivive app, with the selfie wall background portraying an infinite interstellar world and the person flying inside the technology. All this thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality (and creativity!).

In this case the software used is Midjourney (version 6 Alpha).
The generation of images with AI software occurs very simply but it is only the continuous processing of the image through the software and the subsequent processing with digital tools (such as Photoshop, After Effects…) that leads the artist to achieve the final result.

The project was entrusted to the Italian artist Cecilia Lascialfari, who lives in Florence, but she travels all over the world always looking for new ideas and connections.
Cecilia Lascialfari, speaker and researcher in the AI field, exhibited her work in April 2024 in a collateral event of the Venice Biennal 2024 (created with a mix of analogue, digital art and Artificial Intelligence) and will be present in person at the Festival della Cultura Digitale “THiNK 2024”, Saturday 11 May to answer all questions about the THiNK 2024 selfie wall, and how it is possible to bring together AI, Art and Creativity, through analogue and digital art.

You can read more of this selfie wall here: THiNK’s wings 🌟 🔝 😎 🤸‍♂️ 💝 🙏 💫

And many thanks to the organizers of Digital Safari at Nana Bianca:
Luca Cappiello Annagrazia Stifanelli Marta Sofia Bausani Paolo Barberis Alessandro Sordi Jacopo Marello Andrea Allegri

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