BOB COONEY video interview: “The President of the Metaverse”

During my experience at LAVAL VIRTUAL EUROPE in April 2022, I had the pleasure of meeting Bob Cooney, and Kylie Savage. Two excellent professionals and extraordinarily full of energy people whom I thank very much for the time dedicated to me and for the nice exchange we had.

Bob Cooney is a Speaker, Author, Mentor, and an 8X entrepreneur with thirty-five years of experience launching emerging technology companies. Bob Cooney is widely referred to as the world’s foremost expert on location-based Virtual Reality. An Inc. 500 CEO with a successful NASDAQ IPO, Bob is the go-to-market strategist behind many of the world’s most successful immersive entertainment products. Cooney mentors founders and executive teams of some of the top VR companies and helps operators choose the best VR products for their locations.

Bob Cooney


Bob was among the main guests of Laval Virtual Europe 2022 (France), giving some speeches in the VRtical Room inside the Espace Mayenne, where the Fair took place. Find here 2 minutes from the opening of the his first speech:

BOB COONEY: “The President of The Metaverse” – Interview by Cecilia Lascialfari

These are the questions Bob Cooney answered during our interview conducted within the First Season of Flying Into The Metaverse Through Books & Culture. We talked about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Virtual Worlds, Events, Art, Metaverse, Books, Future Predictions and Secret Projects!
And Bob has “jokingly” expressed his desire to run for “President of the Metaverse”
What do you think, could there be a “President of the Metaverse”?

0:00:00Cecilia Lascialfari Opening
0:00:55 Cecilia Lascialfari question to Bob Cooney: “In which way do you help companies develop go-to-market strategies that actually lead to success in selling VR, AR, and other immersive technology solutions?”
0:01:39Bob Cooney Answer
0:03:10 Cecilia Lascialfari question to Bob Cooney: “We’ve had a tough two years due to the pandemic, but this has been a big boost for everyone as far as the Virtual Worlds, Metaverse, is concerned. Have we really arrived at the moment in which Augmented and Virtual Reality will be able to reach the mainstream?”
0:03:19Bob Cooney Answer
0:04:45Cecilia Lascialfari question to Bob Cooney: “Tell us something about your experience managing XR arts and entertainment programs for Amusement Expo in Las Vegas and VR Days in Amsterdam.”
0:05:00Bob Cooney Answer
0:06:36Cecilia Lascialfari question to Bob Cooney: “You wrote a book called Real Money from Virtual Reality which will be available on Amazon. Writing a book means putting concepts on paper that become a guide for future generations. But stopping the world of technology is actually nearly impossible.  Do you think it’s necessary to start creating a culture of the Metaverse, leaving written traces?”
0:07:05Bob Cooney Answer
0:08:11 Cecilia Lascialfari question to Bob Cooney: “Can you make some predictions for the future? What do you think of the Metaverse?”
0:08:17 Bob Cooney Answer
0:09:24Cecilia Lascialfari question to Bob Cooney:  “Tell me about your plans for the future… I want to know all the secrets you haven’t told anyone yet!”
0:09:33 Bob Cooney Answer
0:10:50 – Closing by Cecilia Lascialfari

A little curiosity and a delicious affinity for Vegetarian & Vegan food

Bob is a very helpful person. I think I got in touch with him and Kylie, thanks to the exchange of a culinary opinion on the food we were enjoying during the Laval Virtual Europe Party. We were looking for vegetarian food, and by chance we started talking about a good vegan restaurant they had recently discovered in Laval “Cha Cuisine” that they would try before leaving.
Bob living “in the world” with Kylie, attending as a mentor and speaker at tech fairs wherever they call him. An experienced surfer, a lover of Australia and the seas with dizzying waves to surf.

A great love: Books. And Bob wrote a book (and not only!)

I live in a country, Italy, where everything is based on culture, where the language clings to commas and poetic paraphrases to describe objects used in everyday life. 
I work in one of the most important publishing houses in Italy where you cannot afford to miss grammar… after studying art, combined with a master’s in engineering, I found myself catapulted into the wonderful world of technology. 
And slowly, I discovered that in addition to engineers, scientists, programmers, enthusiasts, event organizers, professionals, creatives, there is a great desire to put the innovative experiences of this sector on paper.

Technology and Books?!? A book, stop the word, while technology is in constant motion… How can these two realities be reconciled? Can you begin to tell the evolution of technology in the last ten years without being afraid that a book will immediately become old and overtaken by a new theory or technology that has just arrived?

Bob is one of those pros who did it. Bob Cooney is the author of the book “Real Money from Virtual Reality”. One of those professionals who understood how much books create fixed points even in a world of movement like that of technology.

So I decided to buy Bob’s book “Real Money from Virtual Reality”, released in 2018, before the pandemic, to learn more about his professional history but also to understand how important it is to leave written traces of the evolution of technology. 

In reality, many books have already been written, and many kinds of research highlighted, but how much of this information has reached the mainstream? Many professionals are doing important research in the field of new technologies but often these books are dedicated to a very high audience, a very cultured niche that deals with specific topics.

It could perhaps book (ebooks, audiobooks), the right means to reach the attention of ordinary people. Will this information, which belongs to an important niche, be able to reach the mainstream through a book? Could books be a bridge between the high-tech industry and the daily life of a person who is unfamiliar with the XR industry? 

Meanwhile, I anticipate (for those who have not read it) that the beginning of Bob’s book begins with a cruise trip to Alaska and the Caribbean, necessary to find the right concentration to be able to escape from cell phone notifications… and I assure you that reading this is an absolutely intriguing start…

…And how to decide if a book is interesting? Looking at his summary. This below is the one from Bob Cooney’s book.

Learn from the world’s leading expert on how to maximize your return on investment from VR. If you are interested in buying the book you can find it on Amazon at this link: REAL MONEY FROM VIRTUAL REALITY

In the first pages of books it’s always customary to thank the people who have contributed, supported and who have been close to the writer.
In the case of Bob’s book, I was struck by the thanks to Kylie Savage at the end of these pages.
“Behind every great man there is always a great woman” as Virginia Woolf said.
Virginia Woolf’s phrase seems to refer to the Latin saying “Dotata animi mulier virum regit” and that is “A woman with courage (spirit) supports (advises) her husband (partner)”.
In fact, Bob writes that thanks to Kylie he was introduced to the “Thought Leaders Business School” and that she was and still is a coach, mentor, and lover for him.
(…) “She has taught me how to ask better questions, and how to hold space so people can answer them honestly and authentically. She’s also axposed me to the world of human-centered design, from wich many exercises in this book stem.” (…)
This confirms that even in the METAVERSE, LOVE and WOMEN have a POWER to be reckoned with…

Find below all the web references of Bob Cooney and I also point out that it’s possible to DOWNLOAD FOR FREE from his personal website, the STRATEGIC GUIDE with his valuable advice, on PURCHASING VR ATTRACTIONS (not to be missed!)

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“My passion is helping entrepreneurs succeed in every aspect of their lives. I love seeing their visions turn into profitable business so they can live the lives they’ve dreamed of. Bob Cooney

Thank you Bob Cooney for your availability!

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