AWE USA 2024 celebrate AWE’s 15th anniversary!!!

In recent years, the point of reference for AWE USA has been Santa Clara in Silicon Valley, but this year, to celebrate 15th years, the event is taking place for the first time in Long Beach, California. The organizers announce an event with extraordinary participation, as has never been.

There will be an incredible offering of on-site events and activities, engaging AR activations, and innovative apps for attendees to enjoy. Whether you’re a seasoned tech guru or a curious newcomer to the XR scene, this year’s event in Long Beach will be your gateway to exploring the cutting edge of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality.

Fascinating Talks, Pioneering Speakers

This year, AWE USA 2024 spotlights an amazing lineup of thought leaders, technology innovators and XR pioneers who will be taking to the stage to share their thoughts and speak on a range of topics from across the spatial computing spectrum. From emerging trends to technology breakthroughs or real-world applications that are shaping the next wave of digital interaction, there will be 15 agenda tracks with many different topics. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to glean insights on all that the AR and VR industry has to offer, whilst also reflecting on XR’s past to gain inspiration to build the future – a key theme at AWE USA this year.

Must-See Speakers at AWE USA 2024

Speakers with expertise across a broad spectrum of industry verticals will be in attendance, from companies including The Coca-Cola Company, ExxonMobil, General Motors, IKEA, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Lockheed Martin, Netflix, Pfizer, Rolls-Royce, Southwest Airlines, T-Mobile, The Boeing Company, The Hershey Company, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Walmart, and many more. See the speakers here.

15 Packed Agenda Tracks

AWE USA 2024 will once again feature an expertly curated agenda, with a total of 15 distinct agenda tracks, covering topics ranging from Gaming, Entertainment & Media to AI & Virtual Beings.

This year’s talks and discussions, which will span the full three days of the conference, will immerse attendees in the cutting edge of the virtual, augmented, and mixed reality industry. With visionary thought leaders from around the globe sharing their insights and expertise on each track stage, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone to learn at this year’s event.

The Expo Floor

Exhibitors at this year’s event include names such as AWS, Deloitte, HTC Viverse, Lenovo, Meta, Microsoft Mesh, NASA, Niantic, NVIDIA, Philips, Pico, Qualcomm Technologies, Sightful, Sony, Unity, Varjo, XREAL, Zappar, and many more. See all the exhibitors here.

As well as being the best place to discover the most impressive selection of XR tech on the planet, the conference space offers attendees the absolute best opportunity to connect with their fellow immersive technology professionals.

This year’s Expo Floor is definitely going to be one that you don’t want to miss too – with a brand new venue at the Long Beach Convention Center, AWE USA 2024 will once again be the home of XR, with an expand of the space for this 15th anniversary year in order to accommodate our growing community. See all the exhibitors here.

The AWE Playground

The Playground at AWE USA makes up a key part of the exhibition space every year, offering attendees the chance to experience brand new, never-before-seen XR demos and world firsts in a dynamic, hands-on environment. This interactive area is designed for testing, playing, and learning, making it a perfect spot for both new enthusiasts and seasoned AR/VR professionals who are looking to explore the fun side of VR, whether through the latest gadgets, or the freshest XR applications.

From virtual reality games to augmented reality demos, the Playground will feature a variety of engaging activities that showcase the practical and entertaining aspects of XR technology. From full-body VR experiences, immersive XR exhibits, and some truly out of this world demos from some incredible world-renowned organizations, this year’s Playground has another stellar lineup of exhibitors. See more information on AWE Playground here.

The XR Hall of Fame

This year, AWE USA introduces the inaugural XR Hall of Fame, an exciting new addition that honors the trailblazers who have made significant contributions to the XR community. This hall of fame will celebrate the achievements of individuals whose work has had a profound impact on the industry, preserving the legacy of innovation and inspiring future generations. There will even be a special Snap AR Lens that will share more details about the Hall of Famers on the very first AWE “Walk of Fame.”

The XR Hall of Fame is an ongoing effort by AWE to not only acknowledge the past contributions of several individuals from across the spatial computing industry, but also symbolizes the ongoing evolution of this dynamic field, and poses an opportunity for induction to any member of the wider XR community. See more information on The XR Hall of Fame here.

XR History Museum

In a similar vein to the AWE Playground, they will be putting together a masterfully curated XR History Museum, which will feature over 80 vintage AR and VR prototypes and devices from the past 50 years – many of which are actually on loan from several of the pioneers themselves from the XR Hall of Fame. The first ever AWE XR History Museum is being sponsored by the AR Alliance this year.

Devices featured will include the 1990 Xybernaut, the 1992 Virtuality Viset 1 (one of the first commercial VR headsets), plus, the XR History Museum will also feature immersive experiences of Ivan Sutherland’s first Head Mounted Display from 1968, and Morton Heilig’s Sensorama – the first multisensory experience.

15th Annual Auggie Awards

The prestigious Auggie Awards return at AWE USA 2024, continuing their tradition of recognizing excellence across the augmented and virtual reality industries. Celebrating innovation and excellence, the Auggie Awards shine a spotlight on the best XR applications, technologies, and creators. As always, the competition will be fierce, with awards given across a record 19 categories this year to honor those driving the industry forward.

The ceremony promises to be a highlight of the event, celebrating the achievements that have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in XR.

Start-up Pitch Competition

AWE USA 2024 will once again host the Start-up Pitch Competition, providing a platform for emerging companies and start-ups to showcase their innovations to a panel of industry experts and investors. This competition is a highlight for start-ups seeking visibility and support, offering them the chance to demonstrate their solutions, receive feedback, and potentially secure investment.

Parties and Networking Events

This year’s on-site parties and networking events—from the AWE Welcome Party sponsored by Zappar, to the VIP Reception, Welcome Party, and various meetups throughout the course of the three day conference—will provide ample opportunities for attendees to mingle with peers, meet new contacts, and discuss the day’s learnings in a relaxed, informal setting.

Vision Workshop

With Apple Vision Pro launching at the start of this year, they are anticipating that AWE USA 2024 will be the setting for the highest concentration of Vision Pro devices ever in a single public location since the headset’s release.

With the huge hype around the device, they are putting on the AWE Vision Workshop, a full day workshop for Apple Vision Pro hosted by Raven Zachary and Dom Sagolla from VisionDevCamp.

The workshop will provide an in-depth look at the capabilities of Apple’s Vision Pro hardware and visionOS. Participants will learn from leading experts about the best practices in app development across visionOS, Unity, and web platforms, explore real-world case studies, and get hands-on experience with the Apple Vision Pro. Seats are limited, and attendance to the AWE Vision Workshop can be purchased as an add-on to your conference ticket.

Reality Multipass produced exclusively for the AWE USA 2024 conference by XR Studio, AREYES

In this article by Nathan C Browser, THIS AI PORTRAIT FROM A FUTURE REALITY COULD BE YOUR TICKET TO AWE USA 2024, you can access the link that will allow you to produce custom Badges, made with AI (…) A custom AI camera app built for the 15th anniversary Augmented World Expo – the Reality Multipass – could be your free ticket to the world’s largest spatial computing event. The AI camera web app generates whimsical portraits of users from a future “reality”.

Produced exclusively for the AWE USA 2024 conference by XR Studio, AREYES, the cross-platform interactive experience seeks to inspire consumers about the possibilities of AI and AR technologies by turning them into the main character of a story that has yet to be told. Try Reality Multipass at on any desktop or mobile browser.

What’s Happening at AWE USA: key highlight’s for 2024’s AR/VR event

We thank Sam Sprigg for creating this beautiful article on the AWE blog from which we were able to draw to better understand how AWE USA 2024 will take place starting from 18 to 20 June, 2024. And we Thank you all AWE Team for always organize extraordinary events.

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