Opening speech by Ori Inbar

Dreams, dreams, dreams! Ori Inbar open AWE USA 2022 talking about making dreams come true and how much the XR sector can help us make them come true.

Welcome to AWE USA 2022

Last year during AWE 2021, Ori Inbar took to the stage of the Santa Clara Convention Center wearing the Max Headroom (the first virtual host on TV) mask… This year during AWE USA 2022, it opening keynote it was mainly based on the realization of dreams.
From the AWE Blog: “After showing us both his incredible Augmented air guitar skills, along with his bucket list of dreams, which included walking on the moon, flying, exploring the deep ocean, visiting the wonders of the world, and climbing Everest (all of which are currently possible in VR!), Ori’s final dream on the list was to “get superpowers” ​​- again, something that XR is able to help with.

XR Makes Dreams a Reality

John Riccitiello, Unity CEO, presented “Getting Beyond the Fiction and Seeing the Reality in the Metaverse”

The first speaker to go on stage at the AWE USA 2022 in Santa Clara Convention was John Riccitiello who presented “The metaverse.” How did a term go from the pages of sci-fi literature to being the tech industry’s next multibillion dollar bet? And how did our industry end up speaking about something with such conviction with no agreed-upon definition? John Riccitello, CEO of Unity, he has breaks down the tech industry’s word du jour, what the metaverse is and isn’t and how brands can get beyond the buzzwords.

Here you can see Ori Inbar‘s opening keynote and to follow John Riccitiello‘s first speech:

Below you will find the videos of the main speakers who went on the main stage today.

Hugo Swart, VP and GM of XR at Qualcomm Technologies Inc., presented “Your Ticket to the Metaverse: Spatial”

Computing Experiences with Snapdragon Spaces and What?s Next in XR
No longer just an idea, a multitude of players, brands and OEMs are bringing the Metaverse to life. Hugo Swart, VP and GM of XR at Qualcomm Technologies Inc., has talked about the constellation of devices and exciting developer tools like Snapdragon Spaces that will drive truly immersive spatial computing experiences. As the leader of the XR team at Qualcomm, Hugo has a front row seat into the platforms, technologies and solutions under development that are your ticket to the Metaverse.

“The Next Generation of XR Storytelling with TikTok” by Kathy Wang Product Management at TikTok and Guohui Wang Head of AR at TikTok

“The Next Generation of XR Storytelling with TikTok” by Kathy Wang Product Management at TikTok and Guohui Wang Head of AR at TikTok Creativity is at the heart of the TikTok experience. To expand what’s possible on TikTok and take content creation to the next level, TikTok launched “Effect House” — an effect development platform that empowers effect creators to build AR experiences and effects for TikTok’s global community. During Effect House’s early beta, effects made in Effect House were used in more than 1.5 billion TikTok videos and garnered over 600 billion views globally. Effect House has inspired a new wave of storytelling, fun, and entertainment across TikTok. The team developed the robust, dynamic features that power Effect House and learn some best practices for showcasing your creativity with XR on TikTok.

Antony Vitillo “How to Organize a Great Virtual Event”

Events in virtual worlds are on the rise: concerts, festivals, fashion shows… all of them are now becoming as relevant in the virtual world as they are in the real world. But exactly as it is very difficult to organize a big event in physical reality, it is not easy to host one of them in virtual reality, either. Antony Vitillo from VRrOOm has helped in crafting dozens of virtual events in the last three years, including the virtual version of SXSW and a concert with more than 75M views. In this session, he gave some guidelines on how to design and organize your virtual event to ensure it will be a success.

“Dream It, Build It with Snap AR” by Sophia Dominguez Head of AR Platform Partnerships at Snap, Inc. and Joe Darko Head of AR Developer Relations at Snap, Inc.

While dog ears and rainbows might first come to mind when you think of Snapchat, Snap’s camera has become far more powerful – evolving from a way to communicate visually into a robust augmented reality platform. With great advancements in AR technology and its proven value, there’s great demand for AR experiences to help people express themselves, play, shop, make art, learn about the world – and there’s so much more to explore. Watch the talk at AWE USA 2022.

Marco Tempest – The Metaverse in My Carry-on Bag

Marco Tempest specializes in developing immersive experiences of future technologies. Taking ideas about advanced technology, how we might interact with it, and finding innovative ways to bring those concepts alive. In his main presentation for AWE USA 2022 he debuted ultraportable real-time virtual production techniques, storytelling, gesture sensing and swarm robotics giving us a glimpse of a delightful augmented future right now.

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Joanna Popper and Bjorn Book-Larsson – “The Keys to Creation on Roblox, in VR and the Metaverse”

With metaverse promises making headlines around the world and consumer spending on video games in the United States totaling over $ 60.4 billion in 2021, defining where you fit in this rapidly changing landscape is more important. that never. Joanna Popper, on to new adventures, and Roblox VP of Product Bjorn Book-Larsson explored the keys to human co-experience in digital worlds in an effort to empower aspiring developers and brands as they seek to define the their entry path, focusing on the importance of identity and a shared fabric.

Christopher Lafayette and Dr. Muhsinah Morris -“Humanity First Approach to Building the Metaverse”

As the Metaverse continues to grow, it is essential to discuss the development of a humanity-centered approach to standards of education, accessibility, security, privacy, well-being, equality and community development.  Dr. Muhsinah Morris with Christopher Lafayette shared insights gleaned from the GatherVerse community and the wider tech community with a focus on global communities for the Metaverse.

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