AWE USA 2021

Just under an hour to go until the start of AWE USA 2021, the most important event in the XR sector of this 2021. AWE USA 2021 will take place in person, at the Convention Center in Santa Clara, California, where the largest companies in the XR sector are gathering from all over the world.

Ori Inbar, Ori Inbar, organizer of the event, as early as May 2020 he announced that AWE USA 2021 would be held in November of this year. A truly futuristic forecast, at a time when no one would have thought they could organize an event in the presence of such relevance, assuming that Covid-19 would have given us some respite.
And which was confirmed by the opening of the borders of the United States, precisely on November 8, the Monday preceding the date set for the start of the event.

Three days of meetings that will see the major companies in the sector, such as Niantic, Snap, Unity, Magic Leap, HP, Lenovo Meta, Qualcoom Forbes, Rblox, Microsoft, 8th Wall, Virbela, VRrOOm, Disney, Amazon, Warner Music Group, Marvel, Tesla, Epic Games just to name a few, showcase their innovations in the XR industry.

An event that can also be followed online, through the AWE.LIVE App


L’Opening Keynote will be held at 9 am on Tuesday, November 8, Pacific Standard Time, in the MISSION CITY BALLROOM on the main stage of the Santa Clara Convention Center in California, curated by Ori Inbar:

(…) In this opening keynote for the 12th annual AWE, Ori Inbar – the founder of AWE and Super Ventures – will welcome the XR Community to the first in-person AR or VR event in 2 years (!) and will highlight the industry’s recent achievements as it enters the mainstream. Mr. Inbar will then share his vision for the next decade and call attention to the responsibilities and challenges we all share in ensuring the new wave of Spatial Computing is harnessed to fight humanity’s existential threats to create an inclusive, just, and meaningful world worth living in.(…)

And immediately afterwards in all the halls of the Congress Center there will be simultaneous speeches by the most important representatives of the XR sector. Here is an excerpt from the interview with Ori Inbar, made by Antony Vitillo a few days ago about the event:

(…) The most anticipated keynote speakers are obviously John Hanke (CEO, Niantic), and Bob Murphy (Cofounder, Snap), along with top execs from Qualcomm, Unity, Magic Leap, HP, Lenovo, Meta, and many more.
We are especially proud of the enterprise end users speaking in AWE from Nike, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, T-Mobile and Deutsche Telecom, Marvel, Paramount, Lowe’s, Kohler, REI, Tesla, Toyota, The NHS, United Health…and many more! (…)
 – Read the entire interview of November 4, 2021 by Antony Vitillo (SkarredGhost).


To consult the agenda of the event, follow this link: AGENDA AWE USA 2021


The Auggie Awards have always been AWE’s most anticipated event. The winners of this 2021 edition will be selected, presenting the most innovative projects in the XR sector in various categories.

See all the finalists at this link: Auggie Awards 2021 Finalists

For more information visit this link: AUGGIE AWARDS 2021


If you did not have the opportunity to be present in person at the AWE 2021 event in Santa Clara, download the App of AWE.LIVE and register to follow all the events online!


And on November 10, the After Party is back in attendance! After many digital networking, the AWE after party will take place in the center of Santa Clara and … follow us for more news!

For more information, visit the AWE website at this link:

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